Summer Sale Deals- Ends 16th Aug 2015

Summer Deals - Teak and Metal Nest

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Furniture Warehouse Clearance

You have asked and they have have delivered. After the success of their clearance sale six customer-service1months ago. Puji have finally bowed to public pressure.

This weekend at their warehouse, Unit 8, Cranborne Industrial Estate, Potters Bar, EN6 3JN.  Their biggest clearance sale will be in full swing. The all important dates are Sat 9th and Sun 10th. 10 am – 5pm. Thank us later!

Two of the products you’ll be able to view this weekend:

Puji Furniture  London  UK



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Oriental Furniture – Ways to Declutter Your home

Oriental furniture is aesthetically pleasing in appearance and is designed to evoke a feeling of calm, harmony and balance. So if you are choosing oriental furniture for your home, the key to achieving this look is to declutter.

Whether you have a small household or a large family, clutter will inevitably accumulate, and this can include anything from magazines, books, notebooks, receipts and slips of paper, bills, bank statements, linens, clothing and ornaments.

As William Morris said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – and this is a great guideline to keep in mind when decluttering!
When you start decluttering, choose to display or keep only the things that you love, need or which have sentimental value. Anything that does not fall into these categories should be sold, donated to a friend, family member, given to a charity shop, or thrown out for recycling. Have four bin bags in hand (make sure you label them correctly) and go from room to room to bag up these items accordingly.

It pays to be brutal and take decisive action, and edit and re-edit as much as possible. It may be that you can sell the items you no longer want and this will give you extra cash to invest in something you do need. If you are finding it hard to let go of some items, store them somewhere out of sight and then revisit them in 6 months or a year to see if you want to give them houseroom again, or whether, in fact, you realise you didn’t miss them and are ready to let them go.

The next step is to look at the types of oriental furniture you can use to display your finest items or hide the things that you need to put away. Puji sell a wide range of oriental furniture such as white lacquered and black lacquered furniture as well as eastern-inspired solid wood furniture for the dining room, bedroom, office, kitchen, sitting room and hallway.

Our oriental furniture collection includes chests, beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, side tables, cabinets, display cabinets, book cases, chests of drawers, coffee tables, console tables and shoe cupboards. Oriental furniture is designed not only to look beautiful, but can transform even the most chaotic of households into a space of calm and tranquillity.

Oriental Furniture – click here to browse our full range

Oriental Furniture: Getting it Right

If you are choosing oriental furniture for storage, take a good look at your home and decide whether you have enough room for it. It may be that by moving your furniture around, you can create more space for a book shelf, or a small storage chest. Don’t clutter the room with furniture but choose items that best suits the space you have available, so you create a place of calm and beauty.

Plan your storage. In the bedroom for example, if your drawers are overflowing and you want to keep the items that you have, then think about getting a larger chest of drawers or a larger wardrobe with drawers under.

If you have a kitchen diner it may be that you will want a display cabinet to show your most beautiful items. Or perhaps open shelving with a combination of drawers would be ideal for  tidying away items that you want hidden from view such as napkins, placemats, coasters, napkin rings and serving bowls. In this case, the Indah natural display cabinet may be just what you need.

Oriental Furniture: Making the Most of Your Space

One way to make the best use of space is by using combination furniture, such as a chest that doubles up as a coffee table.

If you have a small room, furniture that doubles up as something else will be well used and works to maximise space. Other storage solutions include a chest that can also be used as seating, or a bookcase that also works as a display cabinet. Another storage option is to buy pretty boxes that you can store either under the bed, or on top of the wardrobe for smaller items such as belts, ties and jewellery etc.

Oriental Furniture: Think About Small Touches

If you are looking to achieve an oriental look, there are a variety of useful and sometimes unexpected options that may provide the solution to your storage problems.

For example, Puji has a range of attractive shoe cupboards that can be used to prevent cluttering up the hallway. Shoe racks can usually store between 12 to 16 pairs of shoes and as these are generally quite narrow items of furniture, they can be placed in the hallway to hide these items from view.

Think about all the small touches you can make too. For example a beautiful handmade bowl on the top of a chest or cabinet, such as the teak serving bowl or teak longboat, could be used to put keys or sunglasses in. Or you could use the top drawer of the shoe cupboard (if it has one) to store these little essentials. But be careful to keep the space clear around these items to prevent them looking like just more clutter.

The key to the oriental look is that its quality and beauty is to be admired. If you declutter your home, these stunning objects will be shown to their best effect and you will be surrounded by furniture that you truly love and adore.

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Soft furnishings for summer

Summer has officially begun, so now it is time to re-think the look of your home and brighten it up ready for the hotter weather. Adding a few soft furnishings for summer could be the way you achieve this well needed revamp. In winter we tend to favour darker colours, such as maroons, browns, greys and blacks. Once the weather warms up and temperatures rise, the lighter hues are favoured. 2014 top colours for summer include neutral backdrops with vivid colours such as hues of yellow, pink, light blues and coral. Also keeping a cool contemporary theme is the hot fashion in 2014.

Another reason to give your home a great summer look maybe if you are not going on holiday this year, this will give you time and money to take advantage of the recent spell of warm weather in the UK and spend your week off revamping your home.

If you want to give your home a makeover this summer, here are 15 ideas to get you started:

1)  Decluttering may sound like a boring job but you don’t realise the impact of a good declutter until it is done. The joys of decluttering can be strenuous and time consuming, but reward yourself for all your hard work by investing in a new set of curtains or a new duvet on your bed. This could brighten up the room and make it appear much more spacious, especially when combined with a good declutter!

2)  A fresh bouquet of flowers can make all the difference. Even by adding just a little touch of colour could go a long way to transforming a room and creating the summer feeling you’re looking for. In addition to this, you could also add  depth and texture by experimenting with different size vases or grouping smaller vases together.

3)  Does it look like you’ve done everything to try and make your room brighter but you still haven’t achieved the look you want? Why not change your soft furnishings for summer? Try removing your dark coloured duvet set and replacing it with a white or cream version, or replacing your thick throw on the bottom of your bed with some light and fluffy textured cushions. This will allow the room to feel more open and light and will reflect the rays coming through your windows!

4)  Take advantage of this lovely hot spell that we are having in the UK and take out your garden furniture, whether it is the garden table or just a few chairs.  Garden furniture brings an instant summer feel to your home. Sitting out in the garden on an evening with friends or family and a glass of wine is a great end to the day.

5)  Paying special attention to the details  can make a massive difference to the way a room can feel! For example, small touches such as adding runners and matching placemats to your dining table or even coasters to your stylish coffee table could bring a room to life!

6)  By just hanging canvas pictures or personal photos in lovely photo frames could really liven up a space. You could put all the artwork together, similar to a collage, turning your wall into memories of a life time and create a talking point. Colourful canvases don’t have to be hung on the wall either. They could be positioned leaning against the wall – it is as easy as that!

7)  Filing and tidying messy untouched cabinets could really relieve you of the space you need and can be used to conceal cluster and mess! An organised home is an organised mind and you will find once your home is tidy and clutter free it not only improves your home, but your way of life!

8)  We all know one of the least expensive ways to refresh a room involves rearranging your furniture. Re-examining what you already have with fresh eyes is greener, cheaper, and often more effective than buying something new. Have a friend to help; it makes moving heavy pieces a lot easier, it provides you with a second opinion, and gives you the energy to keep going. Secondly, have a plan but don’t be afraid to change it. We never know what something’s going to look like until we see it in place.

9)  Give simple wooden chairs a unique new look that matches your refreshed décor by creating a pattern using drill bits. Draw your desired pattern on the back of a flat, or slightly curved wooden chair using a pencil. Use a drill and drill bits in different sizes through the chair, following your pattern. If you still want to give your furniture a completely different look, but don’t want to cover the piece, try fabric paint. Make sure the fabric paint you buy can be used on your furniture, and always test the paint before applying.

10)  Replacing fabric items with brand new options can have a big impact. Consider replacing towels, sheets, the dog bed and comforter covers (things that show wear and tear, fading, staining, etc.) for an easy home makeover. Then bring out the fresh linens!

11)  It’s been said time and time again that nothing gives a space a more dramatic update than a fresh coat of paint. For the cost and elbow grease, this update is the best value for delivering a huge transformation – and its summer, so lighten up! Go brighter, crisper and cleaner. If you are daring, try out small swatches of sunny shades on your wall before committing to the whole room.

12) One of the best things about summer is the hot weather and the cool breeze. On a hot summer’s day let the fresh air in by opening the windows and doors. That will definitely make you feel in the summer mood and inspire you to think of some decorative ideas to revamp your home for the summer.

13) If you have hardwood floors, summer is a great time to show them off. Storing heavy rugs and going for a bare floor instead is an easy  way to lighten up and create a new look for summer.

14)  Adding a few reflective surfaces will make a plain room look larger. A mirrored tray or crystal centrepiece will perk up that tired table arrangement or add interest to your mantle. Other good options are crystal photo frames, mirrored coasters and glass collectibles. You can use glass, mirrors and crystal in wall art and lighting fixtures, too.

15) Changing the pillows, candles, area rugs, wall art and throws will give your home a brand new look. If you’ve kept your colour scheme neutral, add one or two of this season’s new colours in accent pieces for a little pop. Throw in a little black, too. Black is an eye-catching neutral that will revitalize your colour scheme by making everything else look more vivid and alive.

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Getting Your Garden ready for summer

Teak Furniture - Accessorising Your Garden this Summer

Now the warmer weather is upon us and the days are getting darker later, you can look forward to sitting outside on your teak furniture and relaxing in front of clear skies well into the evening.

One of the main benefits of these longer days is that it gives you more time to get your garden back into shape. It’s time to mow your lawn, pressure hose your patio, add a splash of colour by perfecting your flower beds…then just sit back on your teak furniture and admire your work.

The spring and summer months are the busiest seasons of the year for gardeners.  Improved weather and lighter evenings gives you more time to turn your grounds into a sanctuary of beauty and serenity.

If you want to transform your garden this summer, think about the most convenient ways you can do this. Are you thinking of revamping your patio or decked area and buying some new garden furniture? Have your old pieces had their time and are ready to be thrown out? Or do you just want a new style for summer?

Here we take a brief look at some of Puji’s best buys for outdoors:

When you decide to sit outside in the evening with friends or family and enjoy a glass of wine or a  barbeque during the day, teak furniture offers great value for money as  it is sustainable, durable and dual function! Although teak is weather resistant, you will want to keep your most prized items in tip top condition all year round, so it is always best to store these items is inside the home so they can be used indoors and outdoors.

On a bright, sunny day, you could move them outside on your patio or your lawn. Elegant pieces like a natural teak table looks great indoors,  but is also ideal for the occasional outdoor use when you want to dine alfresco. And, the benefit of multi-use furniture means you don’t have to worry about where to store it  when the cold weather creeps in – just bring it back indoors!

Brightening up your garden when you have guests doesn’t just mean tidying the flower beds and neatening the lawn. It also means accessorising your garden furniture with colourful cushions and throws.

You can switch your style to whichever event you are hosting; for example, if it is a play date with the mums during the day you might want to go  for more vibrant colours such as yellows, greens, pinks and blues. If you’re chilling out with your friends with a glass of wine in the evening, you might prefer the neutral more ethnic look with lit candles on a garden glass table and beautiful lanterns on the side of a Love Seat.  Or, add a touch of colour to your home and garden by putting an eye-catching vase outside containing some magnificent flowers. This could really brighten the mood when you’re enjoying yourself outside with your partner, friends or family. You could find all of these beautiful pieces at Puji.

For more teak furniture click here


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Tableware Ideas for Summer Barbeques

Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware

Now the warm weather is upon us, thoughts of outdoor entertaining, al fresco dining and summer barbeques spring to mind.  There really is nothing better than having your friends or family over, enjoying a few cold drinks and tucking into some amazing grilled food.

When it comes to a summer barbeque, food is the main event and handmade bowls are a great way to display your appetizers while the meat is cooking.  Here, at Puji, we have a beautiful collection of handmade bowls and contemporary tableware which are ideal for alfresco events and will have your garden table looking inviting and stylish.  Below we have listed our top tableware picks:

Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware1)     Mango Wood Serving Board- Serve up a variety of cheeses and olives for guests to nibble on with this contemporary serving board; it really is the perfect dinner party accessory.



Handmade Table Runner - BBQ Tableware2)     Coco stick Table Runner- Add some style to your patio table by placing a table runner down the centre to place your serving bowls on.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware3)     Square Lacquered Serving Tray- Create a condiment tray so your guests have everything to hand and you won’t have to keep popping into the kitchen.  This lacquered tray not only looks great, it is easily wiped clean.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware4)     Bamboo Fruit Bowl- Create a table centrepiece with this striking lacquered bamboo fruit bowl, available in red, black or green.  Simply fill it with chunks of fresh bread to help keep your guests’ hunger at bay while the main course is being prepared.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware5)     Aqua Salad Bowl- No BBQ is complete without a salad or two. Our recycled bamboo bowls are available in fresh summer colours such as aqua and olive green.



Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware6)     Teak Snack Bowl- Handmade from natural teak wood, this lovely wooden party dish is divided into 3 compartments which are perfect for crisps and dips.  You could even use it after the main course has been served and fill it with nuts and after dinner treats.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware7)    Sono Placemats- If you’re having a sit down summer barbeque then add placemats to define seating spaces.  The handmade Sono placemats are an excellent protector for any garden table and are a great investment as you’re sure to use them at your next dinner party.  Crafted from light wood, these placemats are hard wearing and have a stunning mosaic pattern.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware8)    Bamboo Serving Bowls- These bowls are available in an array of sizes and are the perfect choice for serving crisps, dips and small side dishes.  Hand crafted from bamboo, they have been finished in a deep red lacquer which makes food look even more appetising.  What’s even better is that they are eco-friendly as bamboo is one of the most renewable resources.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware9)   Bamboo Serving Tray- Make sure you have a tray filled with cold drinks to hand out to your guests as they arrive.  Our bamboo serving trays are large in size and are ideal for serving guests with cocktails and canapés.  Food can even be presented directly on the tray, as the surface is food-safe.


Handmade Bowls - BBQ Tableware10)  Mango Wood Bread Board- This gorgeous wooden platter has handles that are embellished with brambles and flowers in aluminium and is a striking serving dish for an outdoor party.  Why not create an antipasti board filled with cured meats, olives, artichoke hearts, olives and mozzarella?


For more handmade bowls click here

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Outdoor Entertaining-It’s all in the Details

Home Accessories - Outdoor Entertaining

If you’re aiming to be a successful host at your next garden party or family barbeque then you will need to ensure that no detail, however small, is overlooked.  It’s the little details that can turn a gathering into a great event and one that your friends will remember and almost certainly aspire to.   A barbeque is a perfect time to impress family and friends with your creativity, charm and culinary brilliance.  But, before all of that, you need to ensure your guests are comfortable and feel at ease.

Below is a simple guide to help you get on track and enjoy the season of alfresco dining:

Set the Scene

Firstly, set the scene; this is easy to achieve, whether its solar fairy lights strung up or even a few bunches of flowers on the patio table. Take time to make your BBQ party look pretty and make sure you set up your eating area beforehand.  If you have the time, go a step further and really make an impression by sending out BBQ invitations to your guests.

Create a Playlist

Add background music, but avoid turning the volume up too much as you don’t want your guests to struggle to talk over the music! If you have decided on an event theme, you can set the scene by choosing music to reflect this.

Include some Games

The best outdoor gatherings are those that continue well into the evening, so preventing the afternoon lull is important. If it is a family event, why not introduce some ball games, card games or fun activities to keep the kids and adults busy?

Have Blankets and Throws to Hand

As the sun fades, and the air takes on a chill, keep your guests comfortable by having blankets and throws to hand. Drape them over garden chairs or on bench seating so they can just grab one and stay snug.  If you have a fire pit, then make sure it’s prepared beforehand and get it lit before the temperature drops too low. If you don’t have a fire pit, one alternative is to have a bonfire. You could make it fun but getting the kids to build it in the afternoon and then as the night draws on you can closely supervise them while they toast marshmallows and light some sparklers.  They’ll be raving about your garden party all summer.


Make sure your seating is comfortable and create a cosy seating area that guests can use once they leave the buffet table.  Blankets and padded cushions work great on lawn and decking areas and will keep your guests comfy so your barbecue can continue well into the evening.  If you have kids attending, then you could even set up a wigwam or tent so they have their own area to retreat to and play in.


Don’t overlook your lighting! Lighting is a key element to creating a welcoming atmosphere, especially when the sun fades.  Have garden torches, candles and hurricane lanterns set up in advance so all you have to do is to light them. Strung solar lights look very pretty wrapped around tree trunks or hung from porches and they will automatically come on when the evening grows dark.  You can also light pathways so your guests can find their way around easily without knocking over glasses or trampling on your flower beds!

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Quirky Mirrors- Puji’s New Mirror Collection

Are you looking for a quirky mirror? With our trendy and funky range of wall mirrors, you need search no further.

Here, at Puji, we have a wonderful selection of intriguing and unusual mirrors. Our 2014 collection holds some beautiful and distinctive items that are sure to make an impression and your guests will ask where you found such an amazing piece.  Below we have listed our favourite quirky mirrors to help wet your creative taste buds:

Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection1)     Tree Branch Square Mirror- This mirror takes top place as we believe nothing feels better than buying a limited edition piece for your home and knowing that your mirror has been handmade.  The tree branch mirror has been skilfully crafted from small, circular cuts of wood which have then been laid into a square rustic teak frame.  The final result is a mirror that looks very unique and will have your guests wanting to get up close and look at just how it’s been made.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection2)     Driftwood Heart Mirror- This cute and intricate heart mirror has been a huge success – simply because you can’t help but love it!  Handmade in Indonesia from driftwood, no two mirrors are the same.  This mirror is perfect for bathrooms and girlie bedrooms.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection3)     Contemporary Art Deco Mirror- Grand in design, and measuring 120cm in diameter, this impressive mirror is a real ‘show stopper’.  If you love glamour and drama then this fabulous mirror is a must-have for your contemporary space and will creature a feature out of any wall.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection4)     Sola Round Mirror- This environmentally friendly mirror has been crafted in Indonesia from pieces of reclaimed teak wood.  The tiered and intricate design makes this mirror something really exceptional.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection5)     Gold Ora Mirror- A charming window mirror with an elegant circular frame and beautiful geometric tracery.  The ora mirror is graceful and appealing in design and has been finished by hand in brushed gold.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection6)     Nautical Round Jute Mirror- Sure to add a refreshing, nautical feel to any space, this eco friendly mirror has been made from jute twisted with water hyacinth to create an interesting textured frame.  The natural tones contrast wonderfully together and this mirror is perfect for relaxed hallways, bathrooms and even the bedroom.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection7)     Filigree Round Metal Mirror- If you want to add interest to your interior then the filigree round wall mirror is ideal.  Its intricate metal mesh frame allows the wall behind to be seen and creates an interesting effect.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection8)     Rattan Zig-Zag Mirror- Sure to create an impact, this eye-catching mirror has been handmade and the zigzag weave will add depth and originality to any room.  The attention to detail is gorgeous and what’s even better is that this mirror is eco-friendly. Rattan is a fast growing and renewable resource that is readily available.


Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection9)     Saya White Mango Mirror- This quirky design has 8 mirrors which have been artistically collaged together.  This white-washed mango wood mirror will certainly look remarkable above a mantel or wooden console table.



Quirky Mirrors - Puji’s New Mirror Collection10)  Handcrafted Rose Shell Mirror- Crafted by artisans in Bali, this mirror is a real work of art.  Each white seashell has been carefully put together to create a striking rose flower effect.  Elegant in design it will be a lovely addition to your interior.


For even more inspiration and ideas why not view our Pinterest board?

For more quirky mirrors click here


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Setting the Scene for Your Barbeque with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting - Dressing Your Table for a Barbecue

The barbeque season is almost upon us and alfresco dining is soon to be on back on the agenda.  I love nothing more than inviting friends and family round for a relaxed bite to eat and a few drinks, but I’m always very conscious that the garden party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. In my house, this is usually when the little ones are in bed and the fun is just getting started!

Outdoor Lighting - Dressing Your Table for a Barbecue I love setting the scene and always pay particular attention to the outdoor lighting. It helps guests find their way about, while also adding an alluring ambience to the evening.  All you need after that is to add some good food, background music, wine, a few garden chairs, large plush oversized cushions on the lawn, and even a swing seat, and your guests will be so cosy they will happily wrap up in a throw or oversized jumper and continue to enjoy the evening.



If you’re planning a few barbeques this summer and want to throw an outdoor party with Outdoor Lighting - Dressing Your Table for a Barbecue pizzazz then don’t overlook your outdoor lighting. It’s the attention to detail that turns a good barbeque into a great night.  Here are a few top tips to help you create ambience in your outdoor space by getting creative with your outdoor lighting; there really is nothing quite like the twinkle of lights, lanterns and candles set against a natural scene.


1)     Add a fire pit; this is very on trend and is the ultimate mood maker.  It’s also a very quick and easy way to make your garden warm and inviting once the sun has gone down. An additional benefit is that it can be used all year round and will prove to be a great investment.  I have a very simple rustic metal pit at home which my guests always love to gather around.  It also looks spectacular when the sun has gone down and you can hear the crackle of the wood burning and see the flicker of flames and beautiful colours of the embers.


2)     I love strung lights and have them hanging inside my house, so whenever I have an outdoor party I like to get creative and weave outdoor rated solar string lights along trellises, tree branches or even hang them from my porch or shed.  This simple touch is sure to add a gorgeous glow to your barbeque party and is eco-friendly too.


3)     Why not create a pathway with candles lit inside hurricane holders? This look is absolutely striking and I have also found it practical to help guests find their way back to the house; it also helps keep flower beds safe.


4)     I love lanterns and hurricanes that can be hung from tree branches or on fence posts. They gently illuminate the scene to create a soft, diffused glow. Another great idea is adding lights to your pot plants as this turns a simple garden plant into a feature.

For even more inspiration why not take a look at our latest pinterest board.

Outdoor Lighting - Dressing Your Table for a Barbeque

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Top Ten Gift Ideas for those who Love Entertaining

Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas

Are you searching for the perfect gift for someone who loves entertaining?  Do you need to buy something for the host or hostess with the mostest?  Here, at Puji, we have worked hard to add table accessories, serving trays and wine glasses to our 2014 collection that will make unique gifts and add style, glamour, colour and sophistication to your friends and loved ones’ serving collection.  Listed below are our top ten table accessories which are set to be a big hit this summer.

Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas1)     Mango Wood Salad Bowl & Servers- This bowl is a fantastic gift for an entertainer who appreciates style and mixing natural elements such as wood with metal.  The servers are cast in aluminium and shaped in brambles and flowers, while the bowl is made from natural mango wood. The overall effect is absolutely gorgeous and this gift is bound to impress!


Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas2)     Padat Placemats- Our bestselling placemats won’t compete with the food and have just the right amount of detail to make a table stand out.  Plus your host will no longer have to worry about protecting the dining table as they are heat resistant too.     Cocostick Table Runner- This handmade table runner is a great gift choice and would look equally beautiful on a casual or formal dining table.  We even have a matching boxed set of placemats to complete the look.



Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas4)     Bamboo Fruit Bowl- This bowl will look great as a centrepiece or even just on a kitchen worktop.  Available in 4 colours, you’re sure to find one to match your host’s home decor. Their fruit will never have looked so good on display.



Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas5)     Classic 3 Arm Candelabra- This classic candelabra looks much more expensive then it is and is sure to make an impressive gift. Made from aluminium, it has been deeply scored to create beautiful detailing. No dinner party is complete without candle light so this gift is sure to be appreciated.


Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas6)     Teak Snack Bowl- For someone who loves to entertain, you can never have too many chip n’ dip bowls.  This gorgeous snack bowl allows for an array of snacks and dips to be on offer.



Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas7)     Bamboo Bowl with Handles- There is a lot of bamboo gifts out there but none as beautiful as the deeply lacquered red bamboo bowl. This strong and durable bowl is great for everyday use and is even better for stylish entertaining.


Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas8)     Aluminium leafy serving bowl- Everyone’s dining room can use a bit of shine and this decorative leafy serving bowl has been cast from aluminium and finished in a rich matt nickel and is sure to add a touch of glitz.  The end result is a striking bowl which is ideal for serving fruit, nuts and dry snacks.


Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas9)     Laser Print Tray- A thoughtful and useful gift for any host.  This large, engineered wooden tray has a stylish laser print design and is perfect for serving guests cocktails, canapés or after dinner tea.



Table Accessories - Home Gift Ideas10)  Black Wine Glass Set- You can never go wrong with a set of wine glasses teamed up with a fine bottle of wine.  This contemporary set is sure to get the seal of approval and will be on display at the next dinner party.


For more table accessories click here


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