5 Bedroom Accessory Ideas for winter

In the winter months everyone feels a lot more excited about returning home after a tiring day, or spending quality time with the family in doors over the weekend.  If you need some ideas on how to use contemporary accessories in your home over the cold period, to give your interior a cosy, warm feel, then Puji are here to help.

Cluster lighting together – your bedroom should make you feel relaxed and comforted, and to have your lights on with full effect sometimes does not create that tranquil atmosphere.  If you enjoy spending a lot of time in the bedroom, then getting the lighting right is key.  Table lamps are excellent to create a soothing atmosphere, and by clustering lamps together you will be able to create your bedroom paradise.

Puji’s 5 top picks for accessories for under £100 to make your home snug  Light loads of scented candles – by lighting candles it not only helps make the bedroom feel cosy and romantic, it also fills the air with fabulous aromas.  Coming up to the festive season Puji sell the most fabulous candles and diffusers, ideal for creating romantic, dreamy environments.  Candles work well all around the house: the bedrooms, dining areas, living rooms, even if you decide to run a hot bubble bath to sink into; candles are a small finishing touch, but have a large impact.

Keep a few spare throws around – When the weekend arrives and you have to spend a few extra hours lazing in bed, before you know it you may have kids trying to cuddle up to you, so having a few extra throws in the bedroom is always handy and is a great way keep the whole family warm and cosy.

bed_1Layering bedspreads and cushions – In the bedroom the focal point in the bed, and it should be dressed to impress in the winter; in fact it should look the complete opposite to outside, which is bare and boring.  Now is the opportunity to go all out and transform your bed into an inviting and exciting statement.  Layering bedspreads and cushions create the sought after look of a designer hotel, which just makes you want to jump in.

Frame your bed with a lovely cosy rug – When it’s cold, raining and still dark outside, everyone tries to snooze their alarm a few times before getting out of their snug, warm bed.  Choosing the perfect rug to go under the bed has a couple of benefits: it frames your bed, making it the main focal area and is also great for you to sink your feet into.  A rug is the perfect winter accessory to complete your cosy winter bedroom.

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