Accessories- Soft Furnishings for the Living Room

Accessories- Soft Furnishings for the Living Room

Even once you have finished furnishing your living room you still need complete it by adding the finishing touches.  Soft furnishings are a living room essential; they look great and make the room feel cosier.  Another benefit of  cushions and throws is that when a new season comes and you feel the need for a change  you can pack away the winter soft furnishings and revive your living room with spring and summer colours.  A seasonal make-over is a fantastic way to change the look of your living room without spending thousands.

Here are some interior design top tips on how to implement soft furnishings.

· Every sofa needs sprucing up, and scatter cushions are the perfect way to complete the look.  Don’t be afraid to use a combination of colours that really complement each other.  For example if your interior is quite plain and can take a strong colour combination then take full advantage of it.  Creams and neutrals can take a shocking vibrant pink or red; this colour combination of cushions will keep your living room looking electric and exciting. Or if you want to integrate more calming colours, then greens and blues are a lovely colour pallet.

· Different sizes and textured cushions can help you create a designer look. The use of floral, stripes and luxurious ruffles can make your living room looking fresh and current. The different sizes clustered together on the sofa create a cosy atmosphere, perfect after a long busy day.

· A light soft cosy throw is more versatile than you think. When you purchase a decorative throw, you can use it as a pretty sofa cover, ideal for busy family homes. The throw can be easily washed so it looks as good as new.  Throws are romantic too, it can never be too chilly to snuggle up to one another in style!

To make your living room feel cosier have a browse of our soft furnishings.

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