Accessorising Your Hallway with Beautiful Mirrors for the Home

Beautiful mirrors for the home belong in every room but the most important one is the hallway.  The entrance to your home will speak volumes about your personality and the rest of your interior to your guests and family.  Just think of a show home and how much time is invested in dressing the hallway to get a property ready for sale.  When decorating your hallway, don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Carefully chosen, the right mirror and display items can give your home a fresh look without breaking the bank.  Lamps, rugs and candles can also add an appealing touch of colour to the hallway without being too drastic.

Here, at Puji, we have put together a quick guide to help you accessorise your hallway:

Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories1)     Choose a statement clock – Clocks are fast becoming artwork in their own right and are a great choice for the wall at the end of your hallway. A decorative clock is a novel way to add personality to a plain entrance wall.



Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories2)     Add interesting lighting – If you have a console table or sideboard in the hallway then placing a lamp on top is a stylish and practical way to accessorise. You could even add two, as having one on each end will help the space appear larger and it will create balance with symmetry.  Just imagine the soft glow that your lamps will emit when you return home after a busy day. Just add a practical timer so the light will always be on in the evening to greet you.

Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories3)     Buy a decorative vase – Nothing is simpler then adding a glass vase or two in the hallway for opulent style.  For a contemporary look, frame your doorway with a matching set of large floor vases. Alternatively, add a decorative vase to your console table; look for one with a distinctive shape, texture or colour to brighten up your space.


Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories4)     Invest in a beautiful mirror – A mirror has two benefits: it adds interest and reflects light.  Mirrors are a tried and tested way of giving smaller rooms the impression of being larger and they are practical too as you can check your appearance before you leave the house.  For short hallways, it is always a good idea to add a mirror at the end to give it length. If it’s narrow hallway space, then a mirror fixed to the side wall will help it appear larger. When you are searching for a beautiful mirror, why not consider a floor standing mirror propped up against a wall for a savvy and versatile choice? If you prefer a wall mirror, then look for one that will create interest; for example a handmade, unique mirror will create a superb focal point.  If you have furniture in the hallway, then consider buying a round mirror to provide a wonderful contrast against the straight lines.


Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories5)     Soften with candles – Don’t overlook candles and the softness they can create.  A collection of twinkling tea lights or candlelight emitted from decorative hurricane holders won’t take up much space in the hall, but they will certainly create a warm and welcoming glow for visitors.


Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories6)     Create a quirky focal point – You can make an elegant, yet functional, corner feature with an unimposing umbrella stand.  Add a fun and bright collection of umbrellas to bring this look together.



Beautiful Mirrors for the Home - Puji Home Accessories7)     Make a feature wall – A feature wall beside the stairs showing framed portraits or other sentimental photos will add the personal touch to your hallway.  Using different sized frames will stop the look becoming too cluttered.  Choosing either the same style of frame or colour of frames will unify this look, and a few larger mounted frames will give the illusion of space.

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