Add Interest to your Home with a Handmade Limited Edition Piece

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection

Handmade accessories add interest and intrigue to your home interior. Even better are handmade accessories which are environmentally and socially conscious in the way they are manufactured.  At Puji our accessories are all very unique, and are handcrafted and hand finished in Indonesia.  We strongly believe in supporting local artisans and communities in Indonesia who manufacture using old tried and tested techniques along with sustainable materials that don’t damage the environment; the end result is handmade accessories filled with natural character and beauty.

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition CollectionOur limited edition furniture pieces are also crafted with an immaculate attention to detail and no two are the same.  The beauty of furniture made from recycled timbers is that they add individuality and character to your home.  Here, at Puji, we believe there is something truly satisfying about creating something new and beautiful from something old.  We take great care to consider the environment when we are designing and introducing new collections and believe our furniture and accessories should be practical, functional, and ethical.

Our latest collection of striking handmade limited edition pieces have been carefully designed and sourced.  We know choosing accessories and statement furniture is never easy, so why not take a look at our top 5 picks that will certainly add interest to your home décor:

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection1)    Liana Carved Photo Frame- It’s true a photograph can reveal so much: it can tell a story, capture a moment in time and even a feeling.  So many of us have images on our computers that are meaningful to us, so why not print off those special ones and frame them so they can be enjoyed on a daily basis? You can really enhance a photograph by selecting the right frame.  The liana frame has been intricately carved by hand and is available in a distressed white finish or soft grey.  You can use photography in many wonderful ways to decorate and personalise your home interior.


Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection2)    Nautical Round Jute Mirror- We always like to add jute products to our new collections because it is a fantastic material to work with and so eco-friendly.  Jute has minimal impact on the environment because it is a vegetable fibre that is rain fed and has little need for pesticides; it is biodegradable and sustainable.  Our new round jute wall mirror has been crafted from hand from jute twisted with water hyacinth, and the two materials together create an interesting contrast. The overall result is a super stylish mirror.

Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection3)    Osha Painted Candle Holders- These candleholders are charming and elegant in design.  Crafted from willow they have been skilfully hand painted by local artisans in Indonesia and will make a wonderful feature.



Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection4)    Shell Ball Lamp- These lamps showcase the natural beauty that can be achieved when manufacturing by hand.  Each small sea shell has been intricately affixed together and the soft, warm, natural colours of the shells create a lamp that will blend with any decor.  Each of these lamps is unique and when lit they offer a soft and romantic light to help you relax.


Handmade Accessories - Puji’s Limited Edition Collection5)    Sola Round Mirror- No interior is fully dressed without a mirror and the Sola mirror will make a striking focal point.  Carefully crafted from pieces of reclaimed teak wood, delicately layered to form its intricate frame, the attention to detail is simply stunning.  This mirror is really something and will easily create a gorgeous centrepiece.


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