Asian Style Home Decorating

Why is Asian furniture so popular?

Decorating a room in your home in an Asian style creates a real statement. Asian themed rooms appear calm and relaxing which is what makes this style of décor so popular. Natural and eco-friendly materials are often used such as bamboo or reclaimed teak, which brings an attractive and elegant look to your living space. As one of the key features of an Asian style home is minimalism, choose a few select pieces of furniture and keep clutter hidden away. This will create a real wow factor in your home and can transform your living space into a wonderful sanctuary for you to enjoy.

Asian design is not only used to describe Chinese and Japanese styling but also includes countries such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Korea. Asian furniture has wide appeal in the west because it has a warm and welcoming feel. Dark wood teamed with low level design adds an air of sophistication and brings a touch of the exotic to your living space. Decorating in the Asian way conjures up inviting images of far off places and makes a wonderful addition to your living space. It also blends so well with western furniture and can suit either modern or traditional homes.

Asian furniture takes many forms and styles, but traditional Chinese furniture is generally simple and functional and often features a shiny black lacquered finish and brass handles. Indian furniture often has carved panels and intricate detailing. In Indonesia, as teak is so abundant in this region it is frequently used in furniture making. The Indonesian furniture style lies somewhere between Japanese and Indian styles but the overall design is simple and celebrates the texture of the wood.

With traditional Asian furniture, a great deal of emphasis is placed in the quality of the material and the construction methods used. Teak is particularly appealing as it is very robust, which makes it perfect for home furniture as it can withstand every day wear and tear. Teak is one of the hardest woods there is and has an attractive grain which gives furniture an appealing rustic look.

How to create an Asian style bedroom

Decorating your bedroom in the Asian style is easy to achieve and creates a comfortable and tranquil environment in which to sleep, rest and unwind. The bedroom is a place of relaxation, so it should be calm and serene. Rooms decorated in the Asian way tend to feel both peaceful and inspiring which makes it such a popular choice for the bedroom.

There is no limit to your imagination in creating an Asian style bedroom. If you are on a tight budget even small changes can really transform a room. Walls should be painted in earthy colours such as tan, grey, off-white or a delicate sage green to inspire a relaxing feeling. A few well-chosen accessories such as hand-made mirrors in natural frames, candles and soft lighting all make excellent touches. Add splashes of colour with Asian artwork, cushions or bed throws, or vases containing bamboo, which is considered a lucky plant in Asian décor.

The key to Asian home decorating is to keep rooms uncluttered to inspire a sense of harmony. As your bed is the focal point of the room, it is best to choose a bed frame that blends well with Asian décor. Puji’s oriental beds have clean flowing lines and simple, minimalist designs that will bring a sense of calmness to any bedroom. A four-poster bed draped in soft fabrics is a romantic choice and naturally creates a stunning centre-piece.

Asian furniture is high quality, functional with simple liquid lines. It can often be multi-purpose, which is handy for homes with limited space. A chest at the end of the bed can be used to hide away extra blankets, duvets or pillows and also makes beautiful bedroom seating. Bedside tables with built in drawers or cupboards can be used to place books or side-lamps and provide valuable extra storage. A rattan laundry basket adds texture and natural fibre which are key features in the Asian style. If you have the space, a rattan love seat placed under or beside the bedroom window makes a marvellous addition to your bedroom. The perfect romantic touch!

Rich colours and fabrics are a wonderful way of injecting colour into the bedroom and add a beautiful, sensuous feel to this space. Asian inspired bedding creates an air of luxury and elegance to this intimate room in the home. The vibrant, welcoming colours and rich fabrics which Asian-inspired bedding is well-known for will make your bed feel especially cosy and relaxing. Accessorise with luxurious silk or satin cushions or a beautiful throw to drape over the end of your bed.

How to get an Asian inspired look in the dining area

Asian inspired furniture is high quality, robust and functional as well as stylish with clean, sleek lines. The placement of furniture to create space and harmony in a room is paramount in Asian inspired decorating, So when you choose your kitchen or dining table, be sure it will leave enough space to allow guests and diners to move around comfortably. Little used items can be stored neatly away in display cabinets or side tables.

Hand painted or carved wooden accessories such as ornaments or mirrors add a wonderful personal touch. Attractive carved coasters and matching trays can look fabulous in your dining room and also serve to protect your furniture. Introduce bamboo or even a bonsai tree in a colourful pot or vase. Inject further flashes of colour with red serving dishes or bowls.

If you have a studio or open plan apartment you can separate living sections such as the dining and living area with beautiful screens which create privacy and give the illusion of smaller, more intimate areas.

Decorating your living room in the Asian style

Colours inspired by nature help create an Asian-inspired style. Reclaimed teak furniture injects earthy tones which inspire a calm feeling and these can be easily mixed with bold colours such red, which is considered a lucky colour, black or gold.

Maximising your space is paramount in creating an Asian themed room. Clutter should be well hidden so look for coffee tables with handy drawers for storage. For those who prefer lacquered furniture, Puji offer a wonderful selection of black lacquered furniture including coffee tables which have been lacquered seven times and feature stressed edges and brass handles.

Storage chests that can double up as a console or end tables are a good choice if space is limited. A stylish Asian-inspired bookcase makes a wonderful addition to your living room and as well as books, it can display some of your beautiful or prized sentimental items. Hand painted display cabinets are fantastic for storage and finished in red can make a superb statement piece. Carved furniture such as trunks or side units also add a luxurious touch.

Flooring should be kept natural as Asian style rooms usually feature hardwood oak or stone flooring. Add colour with a beautiful rug. A stunning feature light creates warmth and atmosphere to your living room and can be superb focal point. If you are inspired by Asian décor, a classic paper lantern is a great choice. The light is diffused through faux or true paper shades for a soothing radiance that softens the straight lines that will define your living space. Colourful vases, flowers, plants or beautiful figurines add a wonderful finishing touch.

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