Beautiful Cushions for your Bedroom this Winter

Winter bedroom accessories are a must have! During the months when it’s bitterly cold outside, your bedroom should feel like a cosy paradise. And, every time you step in to your room, all your stresses should disappear.  Getting up in the morning and going to bed at night should have the feeling of positivity…the way your bedroom is styled changes the way you feel, which is why it is so important to ensure your bedroom looks and feels blissful and inviting.

Beautiful Cushions for your Bedroom this WinterPuji have a lovely selection of soft, winter accessories – both cushions and throws will help you transform your bedroom.  You may want to go for bright and colourful cushions if your bedroom is tight for space, as sometimes vibrant colours help to open up the room.  You can then soften the look by combining it with neutral colours.  For example, Puji’s Mia cushion would team up well with our summer stripe confetti cushion and you can add a few extra neutral, biscuit coloured cushions in- between them.  Bed spreads and throws will complete the look and give your bedroom a professionally styled appearance.

Beautiful Cushions for your Bedroom this WinterBeautiful Cushions for your Bedroom this WinterIf you want to create a warm, romantic haven, then one idea is to use luxurious purples and rich reds.  Also, using different textured fabrics such as satin, linen and delicate ribbons adds to the cosiness.  Puji sell a lovely, rich winter collection of winter bedroom accessories including red cushions with ruffles and roses and at the foot of your bed you can layer different coloured bedspreads.  Layering cushions and throws will add warmth and make you feel like you just want to jump in to bed and relax there all day.

Once your bedroom has been dressed for winter you can look forward to spending some quality time in your beautiful bedroom.

Click here to see Puji’s winter bedroom accessories.  

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