Bedroom Furniture: Get the look you desire!

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture - Teak Beds, Mattresses, Organic Fairtrade Bedding


Bedroom furniture is probably more important than you think. As you go to sleep, more information filters through your mind than you are consciously aware of. Your surroundings, especially in the bedroom, directly affect your thoughts and feelings and can as easily evoke quiet, restful sleep as they can nightmares. The key is to get your surroundings right through the use of good quality bedroom furniture, promoting a relaxed feeling of security and strength.

Firstly, consider the colour scheme. Our contemporary bedroom furniture can be stained to a tone of your liking if required and different colours on the walls will bring out the subtle tones in the wood. For example, our Arc Bed comes in natural or a dark stain and painting the walls in cool colours such sky blue, lemon or hot pink will bring out the harder tones of the wood to create a statement bedroom. Warmer colours on the other hand, such as terracotta, earth brown or burgundy bring out the softer warmer tones of the wood. In this way, a versatile Puji piece will tie in to many a colour scheme.

It is important for bedrooms to have a peaceful atmosphere so you can get to sleep more easily. Unbalanced, discordant decor can literally create nightmares. It is believed that the last thing you think about before you sleep is what you will dream about and your surroundings directly affect what you think about. A balanced room with high quality Puji bedroom furniture promotes happier thoughts, leading to a sounder, peaceful and more comfortable sleep.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture - Teak Beds, Mattresses, Organic Fairtrade Bedding

Knowing that you are cosseted by high quality bedroom furniture makes you feel pampered, promoting the feeling of luxury. At Puji, our standards are constant. Our quality teak furniture, built to last, can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. With this in mind, you can sleep soundly and in security, on a high quality Puji bed. So whatever look you are going for, Puji can provide the quality; all you have to do is decide on a theme!

Mattresses are also a good investment if a good night’s sleep is important to you. Mattresses last longer if they are well designed; let Puji help you decide what mattress is right why not click here to read our mattress guide.

Bedrooms are also the place where you choose your clothes for the day. Our Henry Gents Wardrobe feels instantly familiar and encases all your clothes neatly and practically. It is important that your wardrobe allows easy access to your clothes, and the wide Mino Wardrobe does this very well. The super luxurious Paris Walnut Dressing Table will make you feel special as you prepare for the day.

The bedroom is a prime location in the house for extra storage. Match your storage units to other furniture in your bedroom.

Whatever look you decide upon, whether it be warm or cool, traditional or modern, Puji bedroom furniture provides the reassurance of safe and secure durability. Click here to go shopping!


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