Blanket Boxes and Trunks – A Multitude of Uses

Teak Blanket Boxes – Storage IdeasTeak blanket boxes and trunks are extremely versatile and Puji has a lovely selection of storage solutions to help you organise your home in no time.

Teak Blanket Boxes – Storage IdeasRustic blanket Chests – Puji’s rustic teak blanket chests are available in either light or dark colours to fit perfectly with any interior design style.  Teak blanket chests are ideal for every room in the house: if you have them in the bedroom you can use them to pack your beautiful bed linen neatly away. They are perfect for playrooms and children’s bedrooms because once the kids are exhausted from play you can clear their toys away, or better still, get your children involved with the cleaning up! When the chests are closed they can be used as extra seating which is ideal for when friends are over.

Teak Blanket Boxes – Storage IdeasOriental trunks- If you’re looking for statement storage pieces then oriental trunks are a superb choice. They look stylish and work well with other furniture items, and if you have limited space in your bedroom then you can also use the oriental trunks as side tables too.

Teak Blanket Boxes – Storage IdeasSmall Storage Solutions – Sometimes you need little baskets to store your precious valuables, and ideally you want them to look nice too, just in case you want to display them around the home.  Puji has small woollen storage sets that would fit snugly under a console or on a shelf inside a wardrobe.  Their new collection of squashy baskets would look great on display, and if you need to pack them away, you simply can flatten them and store them until needed.

To see Puji’s Teak Blanket Boxes please – click here

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