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Wooden chests, now also commonly known as blanket boxes, were the earliest form of furniture. Wooden chests, or blanket boxes, were once used to store items such as weaponry and beautiful fabrics. Now blanket boxes, as the name implies, are often used for bulky bed linen and blankets. Puji sell a stunning range of solid wood blanket boxes including teak blanket boxes and Oriental blanket boxes in white and black lacquer.

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Teak Blanket Boxes

Teak furniture, such as blanket boxes, has always had an appeal. A teak blanket box is stylish and elegant and makes a stunning addition to any home. Teak wood has a natural beauty and is sturdy and durable too. A teak blanket box will form an attractive focal point in the living room, bedroom or hallway.

Teak wood has a natural honey colour and looks striking in any home. The wood can either be left natural, or stained to a light or dark colour to match the rest of the furniture in your home. Puji has a fantastic range of teak blanket boxes in light or dark teak and in different sizes and styles including lockable boxes. If you can’t find the size you need, Puji’s bespoke service means we can design one to suit your exact requirements. A solid teak blanket box can be enjoyed and admired for generations.

Beautiful to look at, The Henry Rustic Chest is simple and practical in design and works well with almost any home style. Crafted from stunning reclaimed teak, this superb blanket box has distressed metal handles and lock detailing.

The Henry Blanket Chest has been handcrafted using traditional methods and will form an attractive focal point. Created from reclaimed teak, this stunning and practical chest has distressed metal handles and lock detailing.

Puji’s Carved Trunk makes a fantastic feature furniture piece and has superb carved detailing. Elevated on four legs, this stunning trunk is made from reclaimed teak and makes an outstanding addition to any interior.

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Oriental Blanket Boxes

Oriental blanket boxes look striking and elegant and will enhance your living space. Puji’s Chinese blanket boxes are simply stunning will become a wonderful focal point in your home. Sleek and simple in design, our Oriental lacquered wooden blanket boxes are practical and hard-wearing, so they can be passed down to the next generation to admire and enjoy.

Our Chinese wooden blanket boxes are carefully crafted from black or white lacquered ash. Lacquered seven times, they have a highly durable surface with an almost mirror shine. Puji’s black lacquer Oriental blanket boxes are timeless and beautiful and look great in the bedroom or hallway. Our Chinese white lacquer wooden blanket boxes have a fresh, clean look that will brighten your interior.

Our Oriental Shanxi White Blanket Box has a crisp off-white lacquer and looks simply stunning. Beautifully crafted with stressed edging, this Oriental lacquered blanket box offers a practical and stylish solution to storage.

The beautiful black lacquered Oriental Shanxi Blanket Box is practical and simple in design. Stylish and elegant, it has stressed wooden edging detailing and has been lacquered seven times.

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Carved Blanket Boxes

Carved blanket boxes make a great centre-piece. They are also multi-purpose as they can double up as a coffee table in the living room. Hand-carved furniture looks stunning and will not only last a life-time, but can be passed down for the next generation to enjoy. Striking and distinctive, carved wooden blanket boxes make a great feature furniture pieces and are handy and practical too.

Crafted from solid reclaimed teak, Puji’s Carved Trunk has immaculate detailing, elegant proportions and is elevated on four legs. It has been hand-finished to bring out the natural lustre and richness of the beautiful teak wood.

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Woven Storage Boxes

Woven storage boxes are a stylish way to de-clutter your home. A great alternative to wooden blanket boxes, woven chests will enhance the décor of your room as they blend well with almost any home style. Woven furniture, such as storage chests, also add a tropical touch to your interior. Puji woven storage boxes are sturdy and strong but light enough to move around easily if you want to change the layout of your room.

Puji’s Woven Storage Basket works well in any room and will make a fantastic addition to your home. It is ideal for keeping blankets, bedding and laundry in and also great for storing children’s toys.

Blanket Boxes – Handy Home Storage

Blanket boxes, or chests, provide the perfect home storage solution. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are ideal for hiding away bulky blankets, pillows, throws, duvets and bed linen as well as other items such as towels, laundry, hats, handbags or clothing. Whether you prefer solid wood or woven storage boxes, there are a range of stunning designs and colours to blend with any home décor. These include dark wood blanket boxes, light wood, natural wood boxes, carved wooden blanket boxes, raised blanket boxes on wooden legs or child-friendly lockable boxes.

Puji’s blanket boxes are fantastic for home storage as they are so multi-purpose. These handy chests look wonderful in the bedroom or hallway where they can also double up as seating. Place them at the end of the bed, or by a window for an attractive focal point. Blanket boxes make superb coffee tables too, such as Puji’s Carved Trunk which is sure to become a talking point. Place a blanket box in the children’s playroom to store toys, books, or dressing up clothes. Puji’s woven blanket box is great for this purpose. It can also be placed in the utility room to store laundry in, or in the living room where it can be used to tidy away toys, books and magazines.

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