Brighten Up Your Living Room With Contemporary Home Lighting

Do you want to illuminate your home interior with stylish and contemporary lighting? Good lighting is a must for a contemporary interior. The introduction of new lighting can lift and transform a room instantly.  The ‘right’ lamp can also be used as a stylish feature piece.  But with so many designs, what should you look for?

For those wanting to achieve a minimalist interior, this season’s Tripod Lamp is a must have.  Puji offer both a Tripod Floor Lamp and Tripod Table Lamp.  This lamp adds a contemporary, modern and nautical edge to your interior.

A minimalist home has fewer things and less clutter and showcases pieces with clean lines. Often items will incorporate metal, glass or crystal. It’s important to introduce lighting that reflects the living space. Lighting should be elegant and simple in design and the styling should create a sense of freedom.

Ethnic lighting is perfect for creating a cosy and relaxed environment.  The right lamp can create a calming and even romantic environment, perfect for after a stressful day at work, or those wanting some snuggle time.  Puji offer a fantastic selection of Moroccan influenced lamps featuring punched nickel.  The ambient light is so soft and diffused that any room will instantly feel warmer with these lamps.

Decorative lighting can really help create a focal point.  Lighting made from crystal beads, mosaic and nickel are all stunning choices.  Not only do they look like pieces of art, but the lighting projected often casts a beautiful and interesting pattern over furniture and on the walls.   Puji’s decorative Nickel Lamp is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Each of the individual hand hammered holes are finished with stunning beads and when lit it projects an interesting glow.  This looks even more dramatic when displayed on a bookcase, console table, or display cabinet, and the light bounces off the wood.

Traditional style lighting offers a classic and more ornate appearance and often these lights mimic the styles from previous decades.  However this does not mean they need to be boring or dull.  Traditional lamps can feature beautiful floral designs, colonial style fittings and pastel shades.  Puji offer traditional lamps complete with shades that have been hand painted.

Natural lighting can really soften an interior and give a room an earthy appearance.  Not only do they bring light into your interior, but they often make an artistic statement.  The natural materials such as bamboo, wicker and wood make these lights interesting to look at when switched off or on.

Geometric shaped lighting is brilliant for adding a unique and distinctive touch to your interior; perfect when displayed on a console table or lamp table.    Puji offer laser cut lamps in contemporary black and silver colours.    These Geometric designs work well in any sophisticated interior.

Cast your room in the best possible light!

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