Brightening up your hallway

Contemporary Mirrors- Create a stylish hallway

As soon as you enter your home it should give you a wonderful feeling; however, as a designer I’m always surprised when people start redecorating that they often neglect brightening up the hallway.  The entrance to your home is one of the most important areas and should be an inspirational space to walk into.  There really are no excuses for a dark, dreary and drab entrance to your home, as whether your hallway is small or large it can always be decorated in a fabulous manner! The use of contemporary mirrors and accessories is the perfect way to transform this space.

We all know that the hallway is a heavy traffic area, from rushing out in the morning on the way to work, or trying to get the kids out the front door to school. You may not want to spend too much on this area due to the everyday wear it will take, however, it still needs to represent the rest of your living space and be a great introduction to you and your home.  Don’t neglect the fact that this area is the first ones that any guest will encounter upon entering your home and they will draw their first impressions on this.

If your hallway is narrow and long you may find that it looks too dark as there is not enough  natural light filtering through. Fortunately, with a few design tricks you can create the illusion of  a lighter and larger hallway.  Contemporary mirrors will help the light reflect and bounce off of the walls, so when it’s cold and dull outside your hallway will look bright and illuminating.  Another great tip is to keep the walls a light colour or use wallpaper with stripes as this will make your room feel taller.

If you are fortunate enough to have a larger hallway, you may be searching for furniture, occasional seating, or a great storage solution. For busy households a reclaimed teak console table would be perfect as the timber is so durable it will easily be able to withstand the occasional knocks and hits.  You can then complete the look by hanging a contemporary mirror above the unit.  A piece of furniture always needs finishing touches so by adding a fabulous lamp,  a few photos of your family and some occasional ornaments you will  definitely give your hallway a clean, modern look, but still retain that family feel, which is an ideal entrance for any home.

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