Calling All Mums-It’s time to Treat Yourselves on Mother’s Day

As a working mum here at Puji, I love Mother’s Day. It’s the one day that has been set aside on the calendar to spoil all the mums out there. But if I’m open and honest, I do get a bit bored of the flowers that wilt and die after a few days, the chocolates that ruin my diet and the perfume that my husband has chosen and sits, virtually unopened, on the dressing table.

Don’t get me wrong, when the kids are little, there’s nothing better than the cards they have made at nursery and the cast hand prints. However, as the kids grow up, I have been left longing for different types of treats that will make this day even more special.

So, this year I have decided to treat myself…yes, treat myself to a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! I’m giving myself a pat on the back for all of the nappies I have changed over the years and dinners that I have cooked, and this year I’m booking myself in for a spa day.  I’m going to indulge myself and unwind in a relaxing haven.

The concept of treating myself this year has made me think about all the ways us mums out there can make this Mother’s Day extra special. I have even complied a quick list to give us all inspiration and to help us drop hints to the kids and partner at what would make this year stand out above the rest.

1)      A family meal – Why not dine out somewhere you’ve wanted to try for ages? You can either make the reservation yourself, or ask your partner to do it for you. It eliminates the need to cook at home, means no mess and is a fantastic excuse to get dressed up.  This is a lovely treat for the whole family and it’s on my list for next Mother’s Day.

2)      A shopping day– if your kids are still small, this is a lovely way to get that much needed ‘me’ time. It also means you can choose yourself a treat and glean ideas on how to update your wardrobe as you browse the stores.  Your partner could always join you and bring his wallet along to make it an even better trip!

3)      Home gifts – Why not ask the family to buy you something for the home? Here at Puji, we have a stunning collection of contemporary home accessories and beautiful furniture pieces.  The family could get you an even bigger gift that will last for a long time and make your interior look very stylish.  If they aren’t great at taking hints, then bite the bullet and buy it yourself as not only will you be treating yourself, but you will also be treating your home.  Nothing feels better then loving your home interior and, and, after all, it really should be a reflection of you!

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