Chairs For All Occasions

When choosing chairs for your home it’s important to consider their purpose. We have put together this guide below to help you choose chairs and seating for all of the main rooms in your house, including the dining room, living room and bedroom.

The more time you spend in a chair, the more comfortable and supportive it needs to be to avoid getting pains in your back, neck and arms. Therefore, for chairs that you sit in regularly, it is best to purchase the highest quality pieces that your budget will allow – to provide you with years of comfort, relaxation and pleasure.

Dining Room

When it comes to your dining room your choice of dining chair will be a key factor in determining the look and feel you achieve in this space. Whether your dining room is traditional or contemporary in style, it is best to consider the style of your dining table when choosing chairs to go with it. Having the right table and chairs will create a dining room where you will enjoy serving and entertaining your guests.

As family meals and dinner parties involve sitting on the same chair for a period of time, it is important that your dining room chairs are comfortable as well as beautiful.

Leather dining chairs are innovative in design and often make an impression when teamed with a gorgeous solid wood dining table.  Leather dining chairs not only match almost every style of dining table but also add grace to a dining room.  They offer comfort and luxury to your guests and can add sophistication to the dining area.  Leather dining chairs come in a variety of styles, designs and colours, to suit your individual needs and personality.

Contemporary woven chairs are extremely popular.  The colours of the natural fibres are not consistently the same, which means that each chair has individual character.  The texture of this style of chair complements all types of furniture and these chairs can introduce an exotic feel to your home.

Chairs For All Occasions

For those who prefer a fabric upholstered chair they are manufactured using traditional techniques and upholstered in high quality fabrics. These chairs present a contemporary yet classical look, and are particularly suited to large, formal dining rooms.

Living Room

When updating your living room furniture the seating you choose is extremely important. The living room is the centre of the home and after a long hard day family members gather here to relax and sit together.  Guests and friends spend time in this room enjoying get togethers and leisurely conversation.  For this room you need a wide assortment of durable and comfortable seating options including a sofa, arm chairs and benches.

The sofa or settee is usually the starting point when purchasing living room seating it is one of the vital ingredients that makes your house a home. Sofas come in a variety of sizes, colours and fabrics and when selecting a sofa it is always best to consider your space.

Loveseats are  a great option when creating additional seating; they are small sofas for two and come in a variety of styles.  Loveseats are popular choices for those who have limited space and work equally well in bedrooms.  When choosing a love seat, pick a material that is comfortable, stylish and blends in with the existing décor.

Chairs For All Occasions


Chairs in the bedroom are often added as an after thought and in the past bedroom chairs were usually associated with more extravagant bedroom designs or hotel suites. Recent trends however have seen chairs as becoming an important piece of bedroom furniture, with chairs being used as a focal point, draping clothes and sitting on whilst reading or applying make up.

Imagine an occasional chair with some sensual silk draped over its back, or even a simple wooden bedroom stool or upholstered bench in a corner or by a window, can all add the finishing touches to your bedroom.

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