Chinese Bedroom Furniture- How to Get the Look

Chinese Bedroom Furniture- A style guide from Puji

If you fancy an oriental retreat then purchasing Chinese bedroom furniture needs to be top of your makeover list.  Good quality pieces will help reinvent your room and turn it into a peaceful and tranquil sanctuary.  Start with your bed frame, to create an impressive focal point in the room.

Chinese Bedroom Furniture- A style guide from PujiA Chinese styled bed will usually be designed with a low base and be crafted from solid wood.  A black lacquered bed is a wonderful addition and it should be simple in design with straight clean lines.  For a peaceful and calming environment keep your bedroom furniture coordinated with matching bedsides, chest of drawers and wardrobes.   Add a lamp table either side of the bed to provide symmetry and a mirror to reflect light and space. Just remember no mirrors should be positioned above the bed or opposite the doorway, as this is not considered good feng shui.

Chinese Bedroom Furniture- A style guide from PujiOur black lacquered bedroom furniture offers lots of storage items from trunks, bedside tables, storage cabinets, wardrobes and a variety of different sized chest of drawers.  Each piece is lacquered up to 7 times for a high gloss and strong finish and has a stylish stressed edge detail and hinged handles.


When accessorising your Chinese bedroom keep clutter to a minimum and your space open.  Chinese design is all about harmony and balance. Introduce muted tones with just one strong colour which is usually red.  Natural cottons and silks work beautifully on the bed and a screen can be introduced to close off areas of the bedroom and help define the space.  It also works well to have a feature wall behind the bed and there is a gorgeous selection of oriental wallpaper on today’s market. Alternatively you could add decoration with a trendy blossom or oriental wall sticker.

Finally, personalise your bedroom by adding some simple framed photos of you and your significant other along with a few well chosen vases or ornaments.

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