Chinese Dining Room Furniture

Chinese dining room furniture is stylish and functional, which is perfect for this sociable room in the home. Just a few exotic pieces in a light and simple room will create a relaxed environment where the focus is on good food and company. Puji sell a stunning collection of Chinese dining room furniture which looks outstanding in any home. Each piece in Puji’s Shanxi range has a shiny, sleek, black lacquered finish which makes a wonderful talking point among guests.

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Puji’s Chinese dining room furniture range includes the striking black lacquer Shanxi dining table, which is a work of art in its own right. This elegant table can be teamed with the Ivory white soft leather Shanxi chairs or Shanxi caver chairs for added impact. Just a few eye-catching items of furniture in the same colour and style helps to promote the Asian style of harmony, serenity and order. Keep your dining room clutter-free and store less attractive items away in side boards, chests, consoles, cabinets or side tables from the Shanxi selection for a look that will always be admired.

The lacquering process involves a highly skilled technique that has been refined and perfected over generations. Multi-layers of high gloss varnish are carefully and painstakingly applied on top of a base coat to produce an ultra-shiny and durable finish. Puji’s Shanxi selection is timeless and beautiful with elegant proportion and stressed edging. All furniture in the Shanxi range has been lacquered seven times to create a stunning focal point.

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Creating a Chinese Style Dining Room

A Chinese-style dining room creates a wonderful environment for guests to relax and feel at ease in. Chinese interior design is based on the ancient art of Feng Shui, pronounced fung shway. Feng Shui literally means wind-water and is the skilful re-organisation of space to create harmony and balance. A Chinese style dining room combines the principles of simplicity, energy and nature to create a calm and tranquil setting which your family and friends will enjoy spending time in.

In a Chinese-style dining room, the table should be the focal point and not the other items in the room. Keep your space free of distractions with clutter neatly hidden from view. Your dining room should be simple, light and airy with just a few high-quality objects, such as the table, chairs and beautiful accessories. Any items that do not need to be displayed can be stored in a Chinese cabinet, sideboard, console, cupboard or solid wood chest. Choose high quality furnishings and accessories from natural materials for a wonderful dining experience.

For a contemporary look that will make your dark dining room furniture stand out, keep walls neutral and use natural wood flooring where possible. Accessories should be kept to a minimum, with a mirror on the wall to make the room feel larger and elegant artwork. Place a beautiful chandelier above the table as a focal point and light candles to add intimacy and create a warm glow. Red stimulates the appetite and can make rooms feel cosy and intimate, so it is a good choice for a dining room but use sparingly as a little can go a long way. Paint one wall red as an accent wall or add flashes of colour to a neutral background with bright accessories such as a red bowl or vase.

A beautifully laid out table will make a wonderful impression on dinner guests. Have candles, polished cutlery and glasses and a fabulous low level flower arrangement as a centre-piece to make the guests really feel at home.

Chinese Customs and Table Manners

Although Chinese dining tables can be square or rectangular in shape, they are often round because of the way Chinese meals are eaten and served. Chinese food is generally made up of several dishes at the same time, so with a rounded table it is easier to reach over and take a dish from any position at the table.

Chinese mealtimes have always been a social activity, bringing together family and friends. A round table makes it easier to accommodate more people and enables the hosts to take better care of their guests.

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