Chinese Wardrobes

Chinese wardrobes are beautiful in design and will enhance your bedroom décor. Team a Chinese wardrobe with matching furniture to create a serene and tranquil environment that you can relax and unwind in. Each piece is Puji’s Oriental Shanxi range is outstanding in design. Our Chinese-style lacquer range includes white wardrobes and black wardrobes, which are perfect for modern living. Puji’s black lacquer wardrobes are striking and timeless, while our white lacquer bedroom furniture range looks fresh and chic.

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Why Choose a Chinese wardrobe?

Eye-catching, yet simple in design, a Chinese wardrobe will always be cherished. Puji’s Oriental Shanxi range combines antique Chinese simplicity with modern western designs for a look that is sleek and stylish. Each furniture piece in this range has stunning contemporary features such as elegant proportions and sleek, clean lines.

Chinese furniture looks fantastic in traditional interiors but can also be teamed with modern contemporary furniture for that added wow factor. A Chinese wardrobe will not only create a stunning focal point, but is hard wearing and practical too, so it can withstand knocks that come with everyday use.

Simplicity is the key to creating a Chinese-style bedroom. Rooms are light, calm and clutter free and elegant furniture takes centre stage. A beautiful Chinese wardrobe looks striking and creates a peaceful and relaxing ambience.

Our Chinese wardrobes look superb matched with other Puji furniture including Chinese beds, chests of drawers, wardrobes, dressing tables and bedside tables. A room decorated with Chinese furniture adds a wonderful exotic touch to your interior and will leave a lasting impression in your home.

Black Lacquer Wardrobes

Timeless and beautiful, a black lacquer wardrobe adds luxury to your living space and will always be admired. Each piece follows the traditional hand-painted multi-layering process resulting in a high quality, shiny lacquered finish which is highly resistant to water, acid and abrasion. A black lacquered wardrobe is timeless and beautiful and makes a wonderful style statement.

A black wardrobe teamed with dark bedroom furniture looks stylish and sophisticated. As dark furniture often makes a room appear smaller, it is better placed in a larger space to create a room that is cosy, warm and inviting. A dark wardrobe against a light background, such as walls or flooring, makes striking contrast. Team dark furniture with beautiful accessories, such as a colourful throw in a luxurious fabric or bold artwork, to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing.

Black lacquer furniture suits almost any style of home from traditional to the more modern homes or apartments. Its graceful and highly functional designs work so well with any décor from Oriental inspired bedrooms to contemporary interiors.

Each piece in Puji’s Shanxi range has stressed edging and has been lacquered seven times and for a durable, high quality finish. Puji’s black lacquer wardrobes include the Oriental Shanxi wardrobe and the Oriental Shanxi cabinet.

Beautiful in design, the Oriental Shanxi wardrobe features a dramatic shiny black antiqued lacquered finish. It has wooden edging detail and distinctive brass handles for an elegant, sleek look. Stylish and practical, this wardrobe has one drawer at the base, a hanging rail and an internal shelf.

Inspired by the Orient, the Shanxi cabinet has a striking shiny black lacquered finish with stressed edging and distinctive contemporary brass handles. Sleek and practical, it benefits from three fixed shelves and a neat drawer at the base, providing valuable additional storage space. Every item in the Shanxi range has been hand crafted so each piece is individual in its own right.

White Lacquer Wardrobes

A white lacquer wardrobe gives a crisp, clean feel to a bedroom. Team it with matching bedroom furniture for modern minimalist look. White lacquer bedroom furniture gives a relaxed and tranquil feel to a space, so it can provide the perfect backdrop for a full night’s rest. It is also fresh and inviting, so it is great for waking up to!

White lacquer wardrobes combined with white bedroom furniture makes a room appear larger, so it is a superb choice for small rooms, especially box bedrooms. When sunlight streams through your bedroom, white furniture catches the light and brightens up the room to gives the illusion of even more space.

A white wardrobe can fit with almost any colour scheme. However, avoid white furniture against stark white walls as it will look too clinical. Accessorise white lacquer bedroom furniture with colourful throws or hang bold artwork on the walls to create a comfortable homely feel. White lacquer furniture looks great in modern contemporary style homes such as loft-style apartments.

Puji’s Shanxi range includes white lacquer wardrobes which are graceful and practical. The stunning Shanxi white cabinet and the beautiful Shanxi white wardrobe have crisp, clean lines and looks striking in any home.

This Shanxi white wardrobe is stylish and practical and has an elegant off-white lacquer finish. Distinctive brass handles and wooden edging detail complete the look of this stunning Oriental inspired wardrobe. It has an internal shelf, hanging rail and a drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe for handy extra storage.

This beautiful Shanxi white cabinet has a smooth off-white lacquer finish with contemporary brass handles and wooden edging detail. It has three internal fixed shelves and a drawer at the base of the cabinet for valuable additional storage. Every piece in the Shanxi range is hand-crafted so each one is individual.

Creating a Chinese-style bedroom

Chinese interior design is based on the principles of energy, simplicity and nature. The idea was to create home décor characterised by peace and harmony, where beautiful furniture takes centre stage.

A bedroom decorated in a Chinese-style helps create a calm and tranquil environment, which is the perfect foundation for a good sleep and healthy marriage! The aim is to bring balance into the home through Feng Shui.

A Chinese-style bedroom is kept clutter-free. Instead carefully placed objects, chosen for their symbolic nature, are used to attract positive energies into the room, while driving away the negative.

Bold positive colours are used such as red (representing good luck), gold or yellow (long life), purple (symbolising spirituality) and green (tranquillity).

A Chinese black lacquer bed and wardrobe against a backdrop of neutral walls is elegant and sophisticated. Use dark furniture in larger traditional or contemporary rooms for a cosy and inviting feel. Natural flooring made from wood or bamboo, is a perfect choice for a Chinese-style bedroom.

Brighten dark furniture with vibrant accessories, such as cushions and throws in luxurious fabrics like silks or satin. Beautiful lighting, Buddha statues, scented candles, objects made from bamboo help create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere so you can recharge your batteries for the busy day ahead.

A white Chinese lacquer wardrobe and bed works well in smaller bedrooms, such as box rooms or airy loft apartments as the white furniture reflects the light and creates the illusion of space.

Combine with neutral flooring, a beautiful large white oriental mirror and bright accent colours such as fresh greens, yellows and pinks. Add colour with cushions and throws on the bed and hang beautiful artwork on the walls. This will create a fresh, uplifting environment which will be a joy to wake up in!

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