Choosing Home Accessories to go with Your White Mango Furniture

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings

The beauty of white mango wood furniture is that it complements almost any home accessory. Home accessories are available in a multitude of designs, shapes, and hues, so you’re bound to find items that will bring your white mango furniture to life. And, at the same time, they will add a splash of colour to your home décor!

In the dining room

In the dining room and kitchen area your white furniture can be completed with stylish, colourful and sophisticated home accessories.  Our latest collection of colourful bamboo accessories are an eco-friendly choice. They have been crafted from recycled bamboo which has then been transformed into stunning and practical serving ware.  Our 3 favourite buys that would complement a white dining table are:

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings1)     Aqua Bamboo Salad Bowl- Summer is almost upon us, so why not serve your salad in an appetising bowl? This contemporary salad bowl comes complete with servers and has been finished in a bright aqua colour with a contrasting natural bamboo interior.


Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings2)     Bamboo Fruit Bowl- Why not introduce a monochrome theme when choosing your serving ware?  Nothing looks more dramatic than black on white furniture.  Our beautifully unique black fruit bowl will look fabulous on any dining table or kitchen worktop. Crafted from eco-friendly and renewable bamboo, this stylish bowl has been hand lacquered for a durable and food safe finish.

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji Furnishings3)     Bamboo Wave Bowl- This bowl will make a great centrepiece, with its elegant look and cut away sides.  Finished in a deep red lacquer it will certainly create a focal point on your table and add some colour.


If you’re not a lover of bamboo and lacquered tableware then look no further than our mango wood serving ware left in its natural wood finish.  This contemporary range offers a breadboard, salad bowl with servers, and a round serving board.  Each one is embellished with brambles and flower handles in aluminium, which contrasts beautifully against the natural wood tones.  These statement pieces will look striking on any white mango wood table.

In the living room

In the living room, complete your white mango wood furniture with a striking floor lamp in a dark wood finish to add contrast.  Every living room needs ambient lighting and the bold design of this wooden lamp is ideal for modern and traditional rooms.  The beautiful warm wood tones will work well against the white of your furniture and will stop your interior from looking cold and stark.

Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji FurnishingsIf you have a white console table in your living room, why not add a decorative mirror above it and then introduce simple, decorative accessories to dress the console such as a mosaic vase, scented diffuser or even a framed photo?  These little details will inject personality into your home without costing much money.


Home Accessories - White Mango Furniture - Puji FurnishingsYour white mango bookcase doesn’t just have to display books. Adding decorative home accessories to a bookcase can be very effective as this furniture piece offers the perfect display space for treasured ornaments and trinkets.  Candle holders and lamps make a pretty display as the light bounces off the wooden shelves.

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