Choosing Your Round Dining Table

Round dining tables look fabulously stylish in chic contemporary apartments or open plan living spaces, but can look just as good in a traditional kitchens or dining rooms.

The use of round tables for dining can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. But arguably the most famous appears in the legend of King Arthur, where a round table was used to put an end to hierarchical quarrels and allow everyone the same status at the table. Even today a round dining room table means guests or family members can play an equal part in conversations at mealtimes. Round tables allow for greater eye contact so they create a more intimate and relaxed dining experience. With a round table, seating is less formal so it is easy to create an extra place setting if an unexpected guest turns up! Some are also extendable, which is perfect when space is limited.

Round tables can suit kitchen or living room dining areas, small tight spaces or awkward shaped rooms. In the modern kitchen diner, Puji’s smaller round dining tables are perfectly suited to casual dining as breakfast and lunch can be taken quickly and easily with little or no ceremony. Placed in an open plan loft style apartment, a round table is very functional as it allows for greater freedom of movement from one living area to the next. Equally a round table looks elegant in the centre of a very spacious dining room as it leaves ample room for guests to sit comfortably and pull their chairs out with ease.

Whatever style of home you have, the size of the table you choose should fit proportionally to the size of the room. Round tables are generally designed to comfortably seat two, four, six and eight people. As a guide typical measurements and approximate seating capacities are as follows: two to four seats – 3 ft or 91 cms; four to six seats – 4 ft or 122 cms; six to eight seats ­– 5 ft or 152 cms; eight to 10 seats – 6 ft or 183 cms. When sizing up the table and chairs, it is worth bearing in mind that you should leave a gap of about 107 cm between the table and dining room walls to allow for comfortable seating and ease of movement around the table.

Puji’s round dining room tables create a stylish addition to any dining room. They come in a variety of measurements and comfortably seat up to ten people depending on the size you choose. Made from high quality reclaimed teak, our beautiful round tables are hand finished to add character and impact to any living space. They can either be left unfinished, showing the natural beauty of the wood, or stained or oiled to suit your needs.

Many dining rooms are decorated around the dining table with design cues taken from the table itself. Dining chairs will reflect the various hues and tones of the wood and will mirror the size and solidity of the table, forming a single, integrated design feature. Puji have a range of dining room chairs and furniture to match.

How to dress your round dining table

A round dining table can create a stunning focal point, especially attractively dressed with the best crockery, glassware and cutlery. Candles in the centre of the table can add a wonderful intimate touch.

Place round table mats at each seating position around the table. The curvature of the mat will correspond with the arc of the table, emphasising its shape. Use circular napkin rings.
A cylindrical vase in the middle of the table will add to the circular theme. Contrast this with square diner plates or bowls in a different colour. Tie in this colour change with your choice of napkin to make a bold impact.

Finally, position an attractive lighting feature such as a contemporary pendant light fitting, above the table to really make a statement. This combined with table lamps dotted around the room, will create the perfect range of lighting to suit all occasions – whether you are holding a romantic dinner for two, an informal supper for friends or a large family gathering.

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