Chunky Dining Room Furniture

Chunky Dining Room Furniture - Tables, Chairs, Sideboards

The rustic, yet polished appearance of chunky dining room furniture has always been popular. Chunky furniture is not only attractive, but also durable which makes it highly practical for the family dining room. It is suitable for all types of homes from modern flats to period properties and promotes a feeling of luxury.

Chunky Dining Room Furniture - Tables, Chairs, SideboardsAt attractive solid wood dining or kitchen tables gives you the perfect reason to entertain more frequently. A solid wood dining table has natural beauty and suits any type of décor. The dining area usually consists of a table and chairs in either the kitchen, dining room, open plan living room or conservatory. As one of the most sociable parts of the home, the dining area must be stylish, elegant and functional. The table is the main focal point of the space, so it must be beautiful to look at. Chunky dining room furniture, such as solid wood dining room tables, are also the perfect option for homes with small children or pets, as the furniture is very robust and can withstand everyday use.

Chunky Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak is perfect option for chunky dining room furniture in traditional and contemporary designs including sideboards, bookcases, and display units. The old wood in reclaimed teak furniture looks wonderful when mixed with modern and contemporary designs. With its subtle colour differences, natural variations in the wood and intriguing character marks, reclaimed teak furniture is a popular choice and brings real charm and character to the home.

Reclaimed teak is a good choice for home furniture as it is fully acclimatised, so it is far less likely to shrink than new wood. This older timber is also more durable and hardwearing as it has a tighter and harder grain than new wood.

How to Care for your Chunky Wood Furniture

If you have a piece of chunky dining room furniture that you admire, you will want to keep it in the best possible condition at all times. The best way to keep your furniture in tip-top shape is to take preventative steps against damage.

To make sure your dining table is as beautiful as the day you bought it, avoid putting hot or cold drinks down without a coaster. If you spill liquid on the table, wipe it up immediately and place food on a tablecloth or on placemats and serving dishes on heat resistant mats. Always put vases on saucers and use a dining table pad under your tablecloth.

Whatever kind of wooden dining room table you own, a regular clean with furniture polish is an excellent way to keep the wood in good condition.

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