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The living room is the most popular place for entertaining guests, and when friends or family visit, it’s usual to offer them a drink. Whether it is water, wine, tea, or coffee, you’ll need a coffee table for setting the drink down on in between sips.

It is vital that your coffee table is robust and well made so that it will not easily wobble if knocked. Wobbly coffee tables mean spilt drinks, and mess on your carpet or rug. To avoid this, steer clear from cheap, badly made coffee tables, and drink in peace with a robust coffee table made of solid wood. Here at Puji we specialise in furniture made from solid teak, which is a particularly strong and durable.

The coffee table is not typically the most expensive piece of furniture in the room, but since it is in the centre it will often attract the most attention. Coffee tables can be a stunning focal point of the room if you choose the right one. Our guide below introduces a few of the key pieces in our current range.

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Different coffee tables address different needs. If you have a small space and want something quite versatile, the Box Coffee Table is a useful piece because it comes with a smaller nested side table. When you’re entertaining guests, you can simply pull it out so that you have two points in the room to put your drinks down on. This makes it easy for people on different sides of the room to use.

Coffee Tables | Living Room FurnitureIf you want to make a statement by introducing Eastern influences into your living room, then the Shanxi Coffee Table could be for you. This design has beautiful feature legs creating an Arabian Nights feel in your own home.


The Mino Coffee Table is a particularly classic piece and is made from reclaimed teak from old Colonial buildings in Indonesia. This coffee table will effortlessly add character to your living room, and the textured chunkiness of the wood will allude to its history in its far-away home. Left in its natural unfinished state, this solid teak coffee table is a light golden brown colour.

To brighten up your living room, why not inject some colour and decoration? Coffee tables are very useful places to put decorative objects such as vases of flowers or ornaments. The natural beauty of the wood can be spectacularly highlighted with a bouquet of flowers or objects made from natural fibres.

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