Coffee Tables: Make a Statement in Your Living Room


Coffee Tables | Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Nowadays the coffee table serves more purposes than ever. It is often the focal point of the living room as it sits towards the centre of the room plan, and often dictates traffic flow. Your coffee table will often hold much more than the occasional mug of coffee and they now tend to hold decorative accent pieces, books, magazines, catalogues  incoming mail, homework, remotes, toys, laptop computers, and even the occasional more relaxed dinner.

Coffee Tables and Contemporary Living Room Furniture – click here to start shopping!

Before you purchase your coffee table you will need to consider what it will be used for. Do you need a large surface area as an extra place for the kids to play board games or do homework? Or is extra storage a must in which case you’ll need drawers or shelves?

If you have young children you may want to consider a coffee table with smooth and rounded edges and a hard wood design that will not easily scratch, dent or become damaged.

You will also need to evaluate your space, as standard a 45cm clearance on all sides between your coffee table and other furniture pieces is recommended. This allows space for you to walk around it, yet it will still be in easy reach of the sofa when you’re finally sitting down and relaxing. To create balance in your living room the height of your coffee table should be roughly level with the seat of your sofa and armchairs.

A beautiful coffee table will always be a talking point with your visitors and friends. In this prime spot of your home, make sure you take the opportunity to make a statement through your furniture. At Puji, we believe that simplicity is key to making that dramatic statement.

Go bold with sharp straight lines with our Mino coffee table. Not only is it beautiful, but it also is made with high environmentally friendly standards. Every last ounce of reusable timber is combined in this stunning piece so you can place your fair trade coffee beverages onto this table in peace of mind, knowing that you’re helping support positive environmental causes.

If you’re short on space, our Box Coffee Table or Mino Natural Nest are ideal. When you have guests, separate the nested tables from each other and place them next to your guest for easy access to resting tea and biscuits. Because of the fantastic way they are built, they are light enough to move around easily, but are heavy enough to reassure you that they won’t topple over at the slightest push. Once the guests have gone home and it’s time to clear up, simply slide the nested tables back together and you instantly free up more space in your living room for moving around in.

Do you like introducing cultural influences from around the world into your home. If so, consider our sleek Shanxi Coffee Table. Its beautiful black legs make a dramatic silhouette and conjure up an Oriental feel.

Coffee Tables | Contemporary Living Room Furniture

To provide the finishing touches, choose beautiful table accessories. For serving dips and crisps, our teak snack bowl will dress your table beautifully and our  coasters will help protect the wood on your table at coffee time. It is important to use coasters on teak tables since heat can create chalky white marks on the surface of the wood.

Our beautiful coffee tables come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your home. Whether you want a rustic table to be a centre piece or a small table to sit between your arm chairs you’ll find what your looking for here. Our beautifully crafted tables make a statement and they’ll make your living room stand out from the crowd.

Coffee Tables and Contemporary Living Room Furniture – click here to start shopping!

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