Commercial Furniture – Office Furniture – Getting the Right Look for Your Company

Commercial furniture is not only used to create just the right image for your company – after all, first impressions count – but also to create a comfortable and inspiring working environment for your staff.

Puji can create bespoke commercial furniture not only for offices, but also for hotels, bars, restaurants, reception areas and spas. Our Commercial furniture is custom made for you, which is perfect if you have existing décor you wish to match or an old and unusual building or layout where space is at a premium and standard office furniture won’t fit.

Commercial furniture is not only about solid wood furniture, although this is a great option for the office as it creates a warm and welcoming feel to the workplace; there are also many other looks you can achieve. Cutting edge furniture in modern materials, such as aluminium, glass or plastic, will help you create different looks for your office or factory. You can also combine materials such as metal and wood, wood and marble or wood and stone, depending on the particular look you want to create.

Puji manufacture chairs and desks as well as filing cabinets, boardroom tables and reception desks. They can also produce all the extras you need to add to this space such as artwork and other accessories including lighting, computer tables, cupboards and storage furniture.

Commercial Furniture – click here for more information on our commercial range.

Some Essentials to Think About in Choosing Commercial Furniture

Company Image

There are several things you need to bear in mind when deciding upon the look of your commercial furniture and how it fits into your company image. Is your firm and premises very traditional, or do you suit a more sleek and modern image? Look at the type of image your company wants to portray and work with your furniture designer so they can come up with a solution that best fits your needs.

Workers Requirements

If you are choosing furniture for your company, you may want to not only think about image, but the practicalities of the furniture and whether it is comfortable for your workers. Do your staff spend most of their time sitting at a computer desk? If so you may want to invest in comfortable seats and good quality desks for them. What storage does your workforce need? Do they need filing cabinets or just personal storage space at their desks?  You may also want to think about the different needs of the public and private areas of your office.

Do your customers need somewhere to wait? If so you may want consider the seating and lighting in your reception area so their stay is as pleasant as it can be.


It is important to set out a budget and stick to it. The first thing to do is to get lots of different quotes from lots of different companies and decide who is right for you. You need to think about the quality of the materials as well. You may find that you go a bit beyond your budget if you will get really high quality materials and workmanship, as it is important to buy commercial furniture that will last a long time and portray the right image for your company.

Good Working Relationship

When you approach a company for commercial furniture find one that you will enjoy working with. Are they able to share the same vision and reflect the ideas that you want to create? Do you feel comfortable with working with them? Will they also be able to bring your ideas to fruition quickly? In business, time is money so you don’t want to work with someone who won’t be honest with you about delivery times, can’t keep to deadlines or will keep you waiting for appointments.


Have a look at the company’s previous work. Are you pleased with their past results? Take a look at their portfolio and look at past examples of offices that the company has worked on. Look at the quality of the products and how the design is executed to find out whether you will be happy to work with the company. Puji have a wide range of experience in creating commercial furniture, including office and boardroom furniture and have examples of work they have done for previous clients on their website.

Be Patient

Producing high quality bespoke furniture takes time, so you cannot realistically expect it to turn up on your doorstep straight away.  Good commercial furniture is individually made and crafted and can take several months, so be realistic about your expectations. This means planning ahead and ordering in good time for any deadlines you may have, such as a shop refit or the launch of new premises.  However, high quality furniture should be created within a reasonable time frame so as not to disrupt the general workings of your business or company. Get a time scale from the company you are working with and make sure they stick to it.

Puji offer many different types of commercial furniture to suit your business. They offer office and boardroom furniture, including desks, tables, computer console desks, chairs, storage and filing cabinets and furniture for meeting rooms. They can also provide furniture for the public areas of your business such as reception desks and seating, cabinets, shelves and racks for product display along with lighting and wall art to enhance the décor of your premises.

Commercial Furniture – click here for full information on our commercial furniture range.

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