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Commercial Furniture | Restaurant Furniture | Bar FurnitureA welcoming environment is essential to secure repeat business from clients that are becoming ever more choosy about where they spend their money. Stylish, contemporary furniture will make the customer feel comfortable and relaxed and create an atmosphere in which they want to be seen, again and again.

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A stylish and relaxed interior will attract customers, inviting them to stay for longer periods. This will lead to them ordering more drinks or food. They will also remember having a great time and will want to return.

Set your business above the rest and make your customers’ environment both welcoming and comfortable. It is vital that you stand apart from your competition, and the way to achieve this is to get the internal décor just right.

Make your hotel, restaurant or bar, the place to be, by decorating throughout with beautiful, contemporary commercial furniture creating that irresistible, place-to-be-seen-in look.

Critics are hugely swayed by the décor of commercial establishments. Interior shots often accompany reviews in magazines. Therefore if you have press coverage, the first thing people will see is how well you’ve decorated.

Commercial Furniture | Restaurant Furniture | Bar FurnitureCreating a relaxing and welcoming mood is easy with Puji furniture. Most of our furniture is made from wood, which has an inviting texture and can create a homely feel. The East inspires us, so, much of our furniture comes from Indonesia and carries touches of the Orient with it, in its design.


You don’t have to be decorating in an Eastern style for our furniture to work though. We believe that simple is effective, and this makes our furniture very versatile and contemporary.

It is very important to make sure the furniture you’re investing in is durable. In general, customers don’t think too much about the welfare of your furniture so any piece you buy is at risk of misuse, particularly in places serving alcohol. At Puji, the construction methods and materials we use are chosen with durability in mind.

If you’re looking for something unique, we offer a bespoke furniture design service, designing furniture just for you. Call us to discuss your ideas and for a free estimate. After examining your requirements in detail we will design a furniture piece or even a whole interior if required, using our CAD software packages. We can then give you drawings with a more detailed quote. Our furniture will then be made for you, using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and construction methods.

It can be cost effective to use a bespoke service, especially when you need to order in bulk as large orders are often discounted. Bespoke furniture will be unique to your establishment, and will therefore make it uniquely attractive to your customers, boosting your sales and giving you that competitive edge.

Read on for our interiors suggestions for restaurants, bars and hotels. Combine key Puji pieces with coordinating accessories for a stylish, contemporary interior. We can then bring it all together with our great interior design service.


Commercial Furniture | Restaurant Furniture | Bar FurniturePeople expect a high level of service and quality at restaurants – the customer has chosen to eat at a restaurant, rather than at home, and the furniture should reflect the quality of the service and food.

Practical and classy seating is vital for a good restaurant, and at Puji we offer a selection of very special high backed chairs.

Feature decoration is useful in restaurants and can make the interior unique. Something interesting to look at is a great distraction while the customers are waiting for their food. We have contacts with Indonesian craftsmen who make unique pieces of Eastern art from natural fibres.


Commercial Furniture | Restaurant Furniture | Bar FurnitureFor a balanced bar, set aside different areas for low seating and high seating.

If you want to encourage dancing or a lively atmosphere in your bar, limit the seating so that more people can stand. Instead of chairs, use one or two subtle benches at the side.

Classy ambient lighting is important in a bar and creates a visual statement.

A well-placed horizontal mirror does wonders for small bars. Putting two on opposite sides of the room creates that never-ending spatial effect.

Puji led the interior decoration of the Maze Inn Bar in North London. Click here for photos of this bespoke interior.

Hotel reception areas

A good sofa never goes amiss when there’s a queue at the reception desk, or when customers are waiting for a taxi.

Plants are very welcoming in hotel lobbies. Large floor standing vases look very impressive on either side of an entrance. Fill with a large plant or bamboo sticks.

You can afford to be bold with hotel lobbies, so why not be adventurous and get some unique statement decorations.  Otherwise, our design consultants can design an entirely unique piece of feature furniture for your establishment, for example a massive bookcase covering the length of an entire wall.

Make sure that the whole of your hotel is decorated in a similar style – there is nothing more disappointing than unlocking a hotel room door only to find cheap, low quality furniture in the bedroom after beautiful furniture in the lobby. Your guests will feel dissatisfied and disappointed.

However you decorate your hotel, restaurant or bar, Puji can help. Click here for our full furniture range, or contact us today at to discuss your individual requirements.

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