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Contemporary Coffee Tables | Puji Solid Wood Furniture

A contemporary coffee table is a great way to make the most of your living room as it combines functionality with beauty. You can store things in it, put drinks on top of it, or use it to rest your laptop or reading material on. A contemporary coffee table is not only a useful furniture piece, but an object to be admired.

Nowadays contemporary coffee tables can be made from variety of materials including wood, glass, chrome, marble and leather. Even the odd surf-board or fish tank has been known to be turned into a coffee table! This item of furniture can either accentuate other contemporary furnishings or hold its own as a style statement.

What Makes a Contemporary Coffee Table?

The most frequent interpretations of the word contemporary in furniture are minimal, sleek, clean lines, natural shapes and textures. Whether you choose to buy a single furniture piece or a set, a contemporary coffee table can make a striking focal point, or you can use your coffee table to complement larger contemporary pieces in your living room.

Contemporary Coffee Tables | Puji Solid Wood FurnitureAs the living room is one of the most sociable rooms in the home, the coffee table not only has to be stylish, but hard wearing and practical too. Puji’s solid wood contemporary coffee tables are durable, simple yet elegant in design and create a fantastic centre-piece. We use a unique dark stain on our pieces which really enhances the grain of this beautiful teak wood and gives our furniture an elegant and luxurious look.

Why is contemporary furniture now popular?

Contemporary Coffee Tables | Puji Solid Wood FurnitureChanging trends in furniture design have seen a big move towards the modern and contemporary. A key look involves contrasting dark wood furniture with light airy interiors such as walls and floors. More and more furniture companies, especially contemporary ones, are offering a dark wood range as well as their already established light woods. Property developers are using dark wood furniture in their show homes and catalogues because it makes the property feel more exclusive and expensive.

Which pieces will go well in a Contemporary Sitting Room?

Solid wood coffee tables work well in a contemporary living room, particularly dark teak combined with neutral colours. Look for coffee tables that have simple, clean lines and practical storage so no clutter will be on show.

Puji sell a stunning range of contemporary coffee tables, including teak coffee tables that make a definitive style statement in your living room.

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