Contemporary Coffee Tables

Make the best use of your living room with a contemporary coffee table, which is the perfect combination of utility, practicality and style. Coffee tables were introduced fairly late on in the history of furniture. Although invented in the 19th century, they only really became popular in the 20th century. Now, they are an essential part of our living room set. Coffee tables can be used to rest our drinks or snacks on, store magazines and remote controls in and even to rest our feet on. A contemporary coffee table is not only a functional item of furniture, but can also be a work of art in its own right.

A contemporary wooden coffee table is not only an object to be admired, but is practical, durable and can withstand the test of time. Puji’s stunning selection of contemporary teak coffee tables look elegant in any home. We also have a wonderful range of matching furniture to help you make the most of your living room, including TV and audio units, book cases, display units, consoles and side tables.

What to look for in a contemporary coffee table

The word contemporary can be used to imply simplicity of form. Modern, uncluttered, minimal, smooth, clean lines and natural shapes and textures are among the most common interpretations of the word. A contemporary coffee table can either blend with your existing living room furniture, or become a stylish focal point in its own right.

As the living room is the first room our guests see, it is probably the room which most represents our home. When you play host to your guests, the coffee table is often in frequent use in order to rest food and drinks on top while catching up with friends or family. This means the coffee table should not only be attractive to look at, but also robust and functional. Puji’s solid wood contemporary coffee tables are durable, stylish, simplistic in design and make a stunning focal point in your living room. Our furniture can be stained to a wonderful dark colour which brings out the beauty of the teak grain and creates a sense of luxury.

What makes contemporary furniture so popular?

Shifts in furniture design trends have seen a rise in the appeal of contemporary furniture. A popular look, particularly in London, is contrasting light interiors with dark furniture, for example exotic dark wood furniture against a backdrop of light coloured walls and floors. Furniture companies, particularly the more modern ones, offer a dark wood furniture range in addition to their existing light wood ones. In their show homes, property developers are using dark wood furniture, because it adds an air of sophistication and makes the property look luxurious and expensive.

Puji’s selection of contemporary coffee tables

Dark Wood Coffee Tables: Dark wood furniture adds warmth and luxury to your home making it feel cosy, relaxed and welcoming. There is a certain beauty and presence that only dark wood furniture has and an air of sophistication that enhances any living space. Puji’s solid dark wood coffee tables blend the darker tones of stained teak and mahogany teamed with beautiful contemporary designs that work in all styles of home from contemporary to the more traditional. You can dress your dark furniture up or down, depending on the accessories you choose and the look you want to achieve.

Oak Wood Contemporary Coffee Tables: Puji has a superb collection of contemporary oak coffee tables in a range of designs to suit styles of homes. Oak furnishings have always been popular in the living room as it is a very versatile hard wood and creates stylish, durable and elegant furniture. Oak wood is very robust and can be either left natural or stained to mid or dark tones to enhance the beauty of the grain. Each of our oak furniture pieces are hand-finished with either a natural wax or light varnish to protect and nourish the wood. The majority of our coffee tables have a range of furniture to match and you can also find console tables, book cases, sideboards and end tables to complete the look.

Solid Wooden Coffee Tables: Solid wood coffee tables have a timeless appeal and work well in a contemporary living room. Puji has a beautiful range of contemporary coffee tables which look good in any home. Our collection includes coffee tables in hard woods including teak, mahogany and oak which can either be left with a natural finish, stained or oiled, depending on which type of finish you prefer.

Black Lacquered and Oriental Coffee Tables: Puji has a superb selection of black lacquered contemporary coffee tables that look stylish and elegant in any home. Black lacquer furniture creates a wonderful focal point. Just one piece of timeless black lacquered furniture, for example a black lacquered coffee table, can alter the look of your room and will be an object of admiration for years to come. Puji’s black lacquered coffee tables are influenced by the Orient and each furniture piece has been lacquered seven times to produce a highly robust furniture piece of excellent quality. All our lacquered coffee tables are elegantly proportioned with stressed edging.

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