Contemporary Dining Rooms: Get The Look

Dining rooms are not only used for formal occasions but can be multi-functional. When it comes to furnishing a contemporary dining room, it is important to first think about how it will be used. Will it be a formal room for key calendar events or diner parties? Or will it be used more regularly, not only for meals but also double up a home office, library or a room to do craftwork, games or play music in. Whatever you use your dining room for, the furniture and décor should be warm and inviting so guests or family will enjoy eating and socialising around the dining room table.

Contemporary dining room tables

As the dining table is the focal point of the room, it is a good place to start when buying your dining room furniture. Contemporary tables are available in a variety of materials including wood, glass, metal and even plastic. A wooden dining table has a timeless appeal and looks stunning in any type of home. An elegantly laid out wooden dining table makes a wonderful impression on diner guests.

When it comes to choosing your contemporary dining room set, the attention should be on clean, straight lines and eye-catching geometric shapes.  A contemporary dining room is all about minimal furniture and accessories and uncluttered open spaces. Consider the size of the dining room table you would need. There must be enough space left between the table and the walls so guests can comfortably pull put their chairs and can move around the furniture with ease. By taking space and simplicity into consideration, you can create a fuss free room where the focus is on clean lines and the beauty of the materials used.

Dining room tables come in all shapes and sizes. Rectangular, square and circular tables are the most familiar shapes. Rectangular tables are the more traditional and have always been popular, mostly because most dining rooms are this shape. Square and circular tables are more intimate and allow for greater eye contact so conversation flows freely. With a round table it is also easier to add another chair if an extra guest shows up. Some tables also have an extra leaf so the table can be extended if the need arises and it allows for more room space when the table is not in use.

Here at Puji we have a stunning selection of dining room tables in stylish contemporary designs. Our contemporary dining room tables have simple clean lines with no traditional overhangs and classical features such as tapered legs.

Puji specialise in furniture made from sustainable hard woods such as teak wood which is very durable and makes a lasting impression in any home. We also have a wonderful range of dining room tables made from mango, oak, alder and mahogany in a variety of finishes. A dark classic stain brings out the attractiveness of the teak wood grain and creates a chic and luxurious feel. You could also opt for a contemporary light wood finish or have your dining room furniture left natural to show the beauty of the wood.

Whatever the shape you choose, it should complement the other furniture in your room, such as side boards, buffets, chairs and display cabinets. We also have a stylish range of contemporary dining room chairs which include teak dining room chairs, leather dining room chairs and banana chairs that add a wow factor to any home.

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture – click here to browse our solid wood range of dining tables, chairs and storage units.

Furnishing your contemporary dining room

A contemporary dining room should be simple and uncluttered. Create the illusion of space by selecting a few well-chosen to items to keep your space open and airy. Make sure everything you display is attractive or special in some way and store away any items you don’t need in cupboards or drawers.

Good colours to use on the walls of a contemporary dining room are neutral or earth colours, as they are timeless and create a feeling of harmony. Think about calming colours such as bright white, medium taupe, tans, beiges or muted greys. If you want a room inspired by nature, use greens. For a more daring dining room, paint the walls black or chocolate brown, or paint one wall a different colour. Inject colour into the room with bright accessories such as colourful artwork, a vivid rug, vibrant curtains or bold crockery. Eye catching feature lights or candles can also add drama and intimacy to the room. There is nothing more romantic than a candle lit dinner!

Although the table and chairs are the most important items of furniture in the dining room, you should also think about other items, if you have the space. These are important for keeping everything close at hand so you do not have to keep getting up to go to the kitchen while you are entertaining. They are also handy to keep items out of sight, such as table cloths, serving spoons, table mats and other items you don’t need to have on display. The most popular items of furniture for serving up food to guests and family include buffet, sideboards and console tables. Side boards, cupboards and display units provide much needed storage space and come in a range of contemporary designs.

Puji have a fabulous range of contemporary wooden dining room furniture in a range of designs for an eye catching look. It includes display units which are an impressive addition to your home and can showcase attractive glassware, serving dishes and any other decorative items you want on view. Storage is vital a contemporary dining room as rooms should be uncluttered. Display units with cupboards under can be handy for displaying decorative items and storing away those less attractive items you want hidden from view. Puji also has a range of eye catching statement pieces which can be a striking addition to your home and act as a talking point.

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