Contemporary Dining Room Furniture – Create that Perfect Dining Space for Elegant Dinner Parties this Autumn!

Elegant contemporary dining room furniture provides the ideal backdrop for entertaining.  Before the autumn leaves fall and staying in becomes the new going out, now is the time to think about how to transform your dining space. Contemporary dining room furniture is available in a range of styles such as rustic, chunky and oriental black lacquer. With simple designs and elegant proportions, contemporary dining room furniture adds style and individuality to your home.

Puji sells contemporary dining room furniture in a variety of hardwoods such as teak, mango, oak, ash and mahogany. Puji dining tables include square tables, extendable tables, rectangular tables and round tables.  We also sell solid wood chairs, woven chairs and leather chairs for a more formal appearance. Included in our contemporary dining room furniture range are matching sideboards, side tables, buffets, cupboards and display cabinets to complete the look and create a sophisticated dining space.

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How to create a contemporary, elegant dining room

A contemporary dining room should be a tranquil and elegant space for eating with the family or entertaining guests. It is important to provide a relaxed environment so diners can socialise and enjoy fine food and wine. Keep the room uncluttered for maximum impact. Furniture should be practical, as well as beautiful and your best and most valued objects, such as the dining table or chairs, should become the focal point. To create a calm and luxurious environment for your guests and family, tidy clutter away in side boards or display cabinets.

If you are looking to create a contemporary dining room, choose tables that are sleek and stylish with no traditional overhangs. Simplicity is the key. Dining tables and furniture should be eye-catching in design with clean, straight lines and elegant proportions. Furniture should be high-quality, practical and designed to show the natural beauty of the wood.

Striking exotic contemporary hardwoods such as teak or mahogany is always a popular choice for the dining room. Teak is durable, practical and has a natural beauty in the grain and looks wonderful in any dining area. Match a teak table with stylish solid teak dining chairs. These can be simple in design or have distinctive features such as carved floral motives. Alternatively, leather chairs look stunning in a formal dining room, especially when contrasted with a beautiful solid wood dining table. They complement most styles of dining tables and add luxury and comfort to your home.

For an oriental feel to the dining room, white or black lacquered furniture looks striking and can work wonderfully well in a formal space. Black lacquered dining tables are typically Chinese and the lacquering process involves the meticulous process of sealing the wood in layer upon layer of thin, glossy varnish. A black lacquered dining table can be teamed with luxurious soft white leather chairs as well as matching lacquered furniture such as a sideboard or buffet table.

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Create a contemporary dining space in your kitchen diner

Many people use their kitchen/diner as a multi-purpose area. It can be used for craftwork, drawing and painting, as a home office or it can double up space for homework. Despite its use, the area does not have to be cluttered or chaotic. People can transform their busy, multi-purpose diner into an elegant dining space. Clear clutter away for the evening – put paperwork, cards and laptops away in sideboards or drawers to create a beautiful family eating space.

A stunning contemporary dining table with matching chairs creates a focal point. The area should not be filled with too many accessories, instead let the furniture take centre stage. Solid wood contemporary dining room furniture not only looks great, but it is hard wearing and practical. Teak dining table with matching chairs, for example, is ideal for homes with young children because the wood is so durable.

Woven chairs look particularly good in contemporary kitchen diners and are less formal than solid wood chairs with padded leather seating. Puji’s banana chairs look wonderful teamed with a teak table which is either left natural or stained to a dark colour. Alternatively, for a more relaxed appearance you can mix woven chairs with solid wood chairs or benches, which looks stunning in a kitchen diner.

Kitchen diners are used for family meals, or intimate dinners for two. Whatever its use, the space can be easily transformed into a relaxed and tranquil dining area. Dim the lighting and add attractive lamps or candles to create atmosphere. Candles create a flattering, mellow ambiance.
The finishing touches

Part of the dinner party experience is dressing your contemporary dining table. Use table runners, place mats and crockery to make it elegant and presentable for guests or family. Dressing your table adds to the atmosphere and your guests can admire your creativity as the conversation flows.

Create a centre piece such as a vase with cut flowers or a have a glass bowl with floating candles, to set the mood. You could also group a set of candles together, such as Puji’s bamboo candles which serve a decorative purpose or set the mood with soft lighting, such as Puji’s elegant bamboo table lamp or floor lamp.

Use placemats and table runners like Puji’s cocostick selection. Elegant tableware – such as attractive crockery, polished glassware and silverware will really add the wow factor to your dining room.

As a special treat for your guests, why not prepare a few canapés in advance? Crisp mini-spring rolls, Thai fish cakes, smoked salmon blinis or scallops wrapped in Parma ham can be served in Puji’s porcelain white tear bowls. Serve these with a good sparkling wine in Puji’s silver band flute glasses and bonne appetite!

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture – click here to start shopping!

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