Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Contemporary dining room furniture is perfect for those who want to create a modern, uncluttered, and clean dining interior.  Achieving a contemporary dining room does not need to be a challenge and can easily be achieved by following some key elements.  Firstly, you will need a table and once this is in place you will need to consider how much space you have for other items.

Contemporary Dining Furniture- Solid Wood Tables and Chairs If you have enough space in the room, you should also have furniture for serving and storage. The most popular contemporary dining room furniture to serve up food for family and guests include sideboards, buffets and console tables. Store away glasses, china and dishes in cupboards, cabinets, and open shelving. A good option for this is Puji’s Cubic bookshelf or custom-made alcove shelving.


How to Create a Contemporary Dining Room


For a contemporary dining room look, create the illusion of space by taking out unnecessary furniture. A few well-chosen pieces will keep the space open and airy and make the room appear larger.


Keep clutter to a minimum. For anything that you don’t need, either get rid of it or store it away in cupboards or sideboards. Make sure everything you display is either attractive or special in some way.


Use nature in different and appealing ways. A bamboo or coco stick mirror will bring texture into your dining room and act as a talking point. Dress up an unappealing corner with a floor vase containing bamboo sticks.


A new coat of paint will give your space a fresh feel. Use brilliant white, cream, soft grey, browns and taupe. Add flashes of colour with accessories to enhance your furniture pieces. Introduce colour with wall art, rugs, and pictures. For a bold look, paint one wall a different colour.


The contemporary look is about clean lines, shapes, and simplicity. Contemporary art is simple and dramatic. Floor to ceiling artwork can really enhance the look of your dining room.


Lighting is important in interior design as it can really make a difference to the overall look of a room. Puji has a range of contemporary home lighting, which includes table lamps and large floor lamps.

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