Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Create a contemporary style dining room

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Is it time for a change? If your dining room has been the same for years it may be time to give it a fresh modern feel Going ‘modern’ doesn’t mean your dining room will look stark or cold. Today’s contemporary look is a beautiful blend of comfort and style, creating a sleek, sophisticated and relaxing space with contemporary furniture and accessories.

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To create this look in your home, start by focusing on the colour of your walls. Painting the room will immediately give it a new fresh feel. Contemporary design is offset by neutral colour palettes. Consider choosing shades of brown, cream, taupe or brilliant white. These may sound boring and dull but they will instantly be uplifted with small splashes of vibrant colour. Colour can be introduced through simple things such as wall art, cushions, rugs and decorative accessories. You can give your dining room a bolder feel by painting one wall a different colour, creating a feature or accent wall. The most important factor is that, key to a contemporary dining room is its simplicity.

Contemporary dining room furniture focuses on straight lines and the best place to start is with your dining table. The dining table is a key piece in your contemporary dining room as its here that your guests will be entertained as well as enjoying precious family time. It makes perfect sense to make this your starting point when creating a modern dining area.

Here at Puji we have several options in beautiful contemporary designs that will accommodate your family and friends. We also have a stunning selection of chairs to really complete the look.

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Your contemporary dining table won’t be the only large piece of furniture you’ll need to consider. If you want to create a dining room for entertainment then you may need a buffet or sideboard. These pieces now come in a selection of contemporary designs that combine very well to complete your chosen look. They offer practical storage space for your tableware, tablecloths and anything else you may wish to keep out of sight. It also keeps everything you need to hand so you won’t miss out on the party or conversation by having to go fetch things.

A display unit also makes a beautiful addition to the dining room. You can show off beautiful serving dishes, photos and any other decorative items you want to keep on show. In the modern dining room storage is very important, as you need to keep the room uncluttered. You can consider display units, which have underneath cupboard storage.

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Contemporary design combines natural and manmade materials. Bring nature into the dining room with a durable laminate, bamboo or hard wood floor that can be easily cleaned. You can then add that special touch to your décor with a contemporary stylish area rug. Rugs can quickly change the entire look of your room and can add warmth and comfort to your dining room. Rugs can also be a great way to introduce colour. Whatever colour you choose here you should carry through with your accessories. Greens feel very natural whilst combinations of red, black and brown are more cutting edge.

Keep your window coverings nice and natural. The focus of your dining room should be your furniture and any natural architecture. Accomplish this by keeping your room neutral.

Lighting is extremely important in contemporary design. When choosing lighting for your dining room there are many new choices available that provide interesting, clean lines. Track lighting or floor lamps are popular in contemporary design and often utilize metals or bold colors to reinforce the other accessories or splashes of color incorporated into the room.

With the right lighting, you can do amazing things with your indoor spaces. You can transform a dark and dreary room into a colourful, warm and inviting haven. Or make a large, sterile space seem intimate and cosy.

A beautiful contemporary chandelier hanging over your dining table will create a grand finishing touch to a formal dining room. Chandeliers like to take center stage. They are the focal point of the dining room and can help bring out the beauty of the table setting. A chandelier over your dining room table can create a soft, warm atmosphere that’s similar to candle light, and it can even add sparkle and pizzazz to the room.

If you don’t have the ceiling height for a chandelier a contemporary floor lamp can also provide a focal point. These provide an easy and flexible way to light up a room.

Choosing the right modern accessories and artwork can do wonders for a room, breathing new energy into a setting and can even pull the entire interior together. Remember that a contemporary dining room only needs a few key pieces.

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Dressing your dining table is almost as important as the food you are serving. What you put on your table can make all the difference to the look and feel it conveys. Invest in some new tableware. Contemporary place mats and coasters always look great and will also help protect your new dining table. Table runners create a fabulous look on your dining table and can be matched or contrasted with the colours in your dining room.

Why not introduce a floor vase with beautiful bamboo sticks to bring life to that dark dull corner or a centrepiece vase on your dining table or sideboard.

Add glitz to your dining room with a wall mounted feature mirror. Mosaic will add sparkle whilst a mother of pearl or bamboo mirror will bring texture and create a focal point that will give your guests something to talk about.

Remember that the finishing touches will complete your look and so these pieces are worth investing in.

Before you start shopping for your new dining room take some measurements. This room needs to be comfortable. Bear in mind that you’ll need space for the chairs that will go around your table. Each chair needs adequate space to be moved in and out from the table. Also consider the space any additional display units, sideboards and buffets may take.

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