Contemporary Dining Room Tables


Contemporary Dining Room Tables - Puji Solid Wood Furniture

Attractive contemporary dining room tables can suit all types of homes from urban loft style living to traditional country homes or cottages

Contemporary Dining Table Shapes

Contemporary Dining Room Tables - Puji Solid Wood FurnitureContemporary dining tables come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing a contemporary dining set the attention should be on clean straight lines and eye-catching geometric shapes. Ensure your table does not overwhelm the room and you and your guests can move around the furniture with ease. By taking space and simplicity into consideration it is easy to create a fuss free room where the focus is on clean lines and the beauty of the materials used.

Squares and circles are the most familiar shapes. They are more intimate than the traditional rectangular ones and allow for better eye contact. With a circular table it is also easier to add another chair if the need arises.

Whatever shape of contemporary dining room tables you opt for, your choice must complement the other furniture in the room, for example side boards, cupboards buffets and chairs. This will provide a more harmonious look to your room.

Contemporary Furniture Colour Schemes

Neutral colours or earth tones often feature in contemporary design as they create a feeling of harmony. Neutral colours are timeless and clever use of artwork and accessories mean that you always keep up to date with current trends. Good colours to use in a contemporary dining room are bright white, medium taupe, tans, beige or muted greys which are timeless and calming. For a harmonious room inspired by nature, think about painting the walls green. Or if you want something more daring, use chocolate brown or black. To add impact to your dining room inject colour with bold accessories such as vivid artwork, vibrant curtains or bright crockery.

Other Furniture in the Contemporary Dining Room

Contemporary Dining Room Tables - Puji Solid Wood FurnitureThe table and chairs make up the dining room basics but when you think about creating a dining room you should also consider other items of furniture, if there is space available. These are invaluable for serving space and storage and include side boards, cupboards, display units, side tables, console tables or buffets, which come in a range of contemporary designs to match your existing table and chairs. These useful pieces of dining room furniture are perfect for keeping everything close to hand so you don’t have to keep getting up to go to the kitchen while entertaining your guests.

For a modern dining room think about adding a sideboard that includes contemporary characteristics such as texture and metal. A display unit is another striking and practical addition to your dining room. Display units are perfect to present beautiful glassware, serving dishes, photographs or any other decorative items you want on view. Contemporary dining rooms should be uncluttered so storage is vital. Think about display units with cupboards under for extra storage space.

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