Contemporary Dining Tables

 The word contemporary can be described as characteristic of the present time. Among the most frequent interpretations of the word include brand new, modern-day, cutting edge, minimalism, sleek, clean lines and simplicity of form.

Puji has a wonderful range of contemporary dining room tables made from teak, mahogany, oak and other hardwoods. All our contemporary dining room tables have sleek, clean lines and no traditional overhangs. They also come with elegant classical features such as tapered legs and many of our furniture pieces have a unique and attractive classic dark stain which highlights the outstanding wood grain.

Selecting your contemporary dining table

Contemporary dining tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes from round, square, oval and the traditional rectangular shape. As the table is the most prominent furniture piece in the dining room, it should be beautiful, stylish and functional. Dining room tables are often multi-purpose: they can be used as a home office, or for the children to do their homework and arts and crafts on. As they have so many uses, your dining room table should be of high quality, durable and built to withstand every day wear and tear.

When selecting your contemporary dining room set, look for a table with sleek, smooth, straight lines and stunning geometric shapes. Make sure your chosen table allows for enough space for guests to move in and out of their seats comfortably so they can pull out their chairs with ease, without knocking the wall behind! A dining room that is clutter free with a few well-chosen pieces of furniture creates a relaxed environment which guests will enjoy.

A rectangular dining room table is popular, mainly because most dining rooms are this shape. Square and circular dining tables also have wide appeal as they allow for better eye contact, so conversations flow more freely. With a circular table, it is easy to add an extra table setting if an unexpected guest arrives.

Puji’s solid wooden dining room tables are not only elegant to look at and beautiful in design, they are of excellent quality, highly durable and built to last. The focus is on quality, simplicity and the beauty of the wood. Puji dining room tables are available in a host of different styles to suit all tastes including oriental, rustic, chunky, contemporary and Zen.

Teak dining room furniture, especially reclaimed teak, is a superb choice for the dining room because it is so sturdy and practical. Reclaimed teak is more durable than new wood because it has a tighter grain which makes it more robust. As reclaimed teak is already acclimatised, it is also less likely to shrink than new wood which makes it an excellent choice for this sociable room in the home. Your teak furniture can be stained to a colour that you prefer, including dark wood, which gives furniture a classic, stylish and expensive feel.

Contemporary Dining Room Chairs

In a contemporary dining room, dining room chairs should be attractive and comfortable as dinner parties or family meals often involve being seated for a fairly lengthy period of time.

For a balanced and uniform appearance, choose chairs that match with the wood of the table. This will create a harmonious dining space which has a sense of calm and tranquility.

Alternatively, for an eye-catching look, choose chairs that contrast with your table – such as contemporary woven chairs. These have become more appealing particularly among those looking for comfort as the natural fibres are slightly flexible, which allows for some movement as you sit. As the colours of the natural fibres are not exactly the same, each chair is unique in its own right. Contemporary woven chairs work well with most types of furniture and add a touch of the exotic to your home.

Leather dining chairs are stylish, elegant and eye-catching, especially when contrasted with a beautiful solid wood dining table. They complement most styles of dining tables and add a touch of class and sophistication to your dining room. Leather dining chairs add comfort to your home and come in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit your individual needs.

Accessorising your contemporary dining room

A change in design trends have shifted from formal dining rooms towards a minimalist, retro or exotic look. Keep colours on the floors and walls neutral – using tones such as charcoal grey, taupe, beige and bright white.

A contemporary dining room should always remain clutter-free. Display your most attractive or sentimental objects and store the rest away in drawers or cupboards. This will give the illusion of space and create maximum impact.

Add flashes of colour with accessories such as vivid floor to ceiling artwork, bold red crockery or colourful floor vases. Natural elements always work well in a contemporary dining room such as a bamboo or wooden floor vases.

Choose a large drum shade, instead of a traditional chandelier to add that perfect finishing touch to your contemporary dining room. Compliment this with table lamps or floor lamps to create some intimate lighting options.

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