Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s Brand New Range

Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range

If you want to revamp your interior – without it costing the earth – the right choice of contemporary home accessories will help you do just that. Whether you are looking for new ornaments made from natural materials, colourful soft furnishings (such as a new rug or throw), modern lighting, or crockery for the dining area, Puji has a fantastic range of accessories to give your interior a fresh new look – and at great prices too. And the good news is that some of our accessories are made from recyclable materials so they have minimal impact on the environment.

In addition to this, we also sell a wide range of high quality reclaimed teak furniture that looks fantastic with these accessories. To browse our teak furniture and contemporary home accessories, click on the link below.

Contemporary Home Accessories – click here to browse our full range.

An at-a-Glance Guide to Puji’s New Range of Contemporary Home Accessories

Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range Accessories are the things that transform a house into a home. They are the chance to put your own personal stamp on a room and let your personality shine through. Whether you want bright and bold soft furnishings, or accessories in more muted shades and with low key designs, we have something for you.


Puji sell a wide range of contemporary home accessories that beautifully co-ordinate with our solid wood furniture. Puji accessories include sculptures and artwork, ornaments, bowls, lamps, cushions, throws, bowls and tableware, mirrors, lamps and candles.

Read on to find out more about our newest collection of contemporary home accessories.

Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range Feature Lamps –Puji has some amazing contemporary lamps that present an alternative way to brighten up a bedroom, hallway or living room. We have a wide range of unusual lamps to create atmosphere and cast a decorative glow. To give your home an ethnic or Middle Eastern feel, our hand-hammered Moroccan table lamp in silver nickel will cast a warm glow. Similar to this is our Nickel Ball Lamp and Nickel Tear Drop Table Lamp which are dazzling feature lamps that are hand pierced so they emit streams of soft patterned light. The handmade Oval Glass Table Lamp has a wonderful delicate look and looks fantastic in a contemporary home. For a lamp with a natural wood finish, the minimalist tripod lamp is a work of art in itself and looks great in a modern or traditional home.

Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range Scented Candles – Puji’s new collection of scented candles will brighten up any space and have a delightful, relaxing, fresh fragrance. Puji has a wonderful range of scented candles that make fantastic ornaments as they are encased in beautiful, floral glass fish bowls or tumblers. Scents range from lavender, fresh linen, rose petals, jasmine and a tropical fragrance that includes hints of coconut and nectarine blossom. As well as ornaments for the home, these candles make great gifts and are very long lasting as they can burn up to 15 hours. The bowls are reusable, and you can easily replace the candle once it runs out.

Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range Decorative Bowls – Bowls not only serve a decorative purpose, but they have a practical use too. They can be used as a fruit or salad bowl, or even to put things in such as keys, loose change, buttons, accessories and even make-up! Puji has a superb range of eco-friendly bamboo bowls that are a great choice if you want to reduce your impact on the environment. This is because bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials there is because it grows so rapidly. Our range includes fair trade bamboo bowls with a colourful red lacquered finish, and bamboo bowls with a natural lacquered finish.

Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range Stunning Mirrors – Mirrors are a vital home accessory, as they are not only used to check your appearance before you go out (or before you answer the door) but they can also attract the light and make a room appear more spacious. You can also use mirrors to reflect a pleasant outdoor scene, such as an attractive garden, or country view. Puji has a range of mirrors with natural frames, including our newest collection which includes the Driftwood Heart Mirror, which has been individually handcrafted in our factory in Indonesia. In addition to this, the Tiara Rectangular Mirror has a wonderful border of mother or pearl rectangles and will make an elegant focal point in the home.

Contemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range Elegant Vases –Floor vases, or table vases, add a fantastic elegant touch to a home and can be filled with flowers, decorative sticks, bamboo, or even lights. Puji has a large selection of handcrafted vases, including our new range of exquisite Besar Mosaic Floor vases in white and gold and our sparkling Perak Mosaic Floor vase. Each vase has been painstakingly decorated, with each piece of glass individually cut and hand painted, before being used in freeform decoration. However, for a more natural, rustic looking vase, our Decorative Teak Pot is made from pieces of stunning reclaimed teak and is a limited edition. As with all of our mosaic vases, no two vases are the same.



Beautiful Ornaments – Ornaments are a great way to injectContemporary Home Accessories – Puji’s New Accessory Range

your own personality into a home. Hearts are the theme with Puji’s new collection this season and we have a stunning range of heart ornaments that you’ll simply love. This includes our striking, natural handcrafted Driftwood Heart, made in our factory in Indonesia. Our pretty Pebble Heart ornaments are again handmade and will make the perfect gift for someone special – the ideal birthday present, or anniversary gift.

Contemporary Home Acessories – click here to browse our full range.







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