Contemporary Home Accessories

Contemporary Home Accessories – Quickly Refresh Your Home!

Have the rooms in your home become dull and tired? Does your contemporary home need those finishing touches to really complete the look?

Whatever the reason, refreshing your home can be done without spending a fortune. Updating each room with contemporary home accessories will give it the ‘face-lift’ you crave. Adding a splash of colour, luxurious throws; cushions and a few choice accessories can make a huge difference and reinvigorate the spirit of your home.



Bring hues and intensity to the tone of your room. Candles are a great contemporary home accessory. They add an elegant accent to the bathroom, bedroom, living room and every room in your home. The key is to keep the candles grouped in set of three or four and make sure they differ in sizes.

Contemporary Home Accessories - Rugs, Mirrors, Lighting and Soft Furnishings

Pillows and Throws

Throws and cushions can add texture and a splash of colour to your bedroom and living room. They can be used to soften the lines created in a contemporary home décor or give new energy to a tired sofa. Pillows are an inexpensive way to make an impact in a room, and because they’re not a big commitment like furniture and lighting, you don’t have to be afraid to change them often.

Select contemporary light-weight silks with a slight sheen to capture the light and add sparkle to your room. You can also switch pillows and accessories from room to room for a quick and instant change. For a contemporary look, add contract by combining different fabrics, shapes and sizes. Modern and contemporary décor is known for odd numbers and a more eclectic, collected look.

Dress your bedroom with contemporary silks and linens, adding a luxurious throw and cushions will give the room an instant ‘up date’. Soft tones can create a peaceful sanctuary, and layering fabrics is an easy way to liven up your bed. Mixing different textures and levels of colour will also create a stylish, modern look.

Contemporary Home Accessories - Rugs, Mirrors, Lighting and Soft Furnishings


A new rug in the hall or living room provides the finishing touches to your home. They add colour, patterns and textures and help to define the mood of the room. Rugs help to soften hard lines and add warmth and comfort to your home. They are ideal for taking the chill off solid wood or tiled floors, particularly in the bedroom or living room. For your contemporary décor consider a wool rug with a deep heavy pile in neutral tones like beige, taupe or chocolate. If you want to be a bit more daring and creative than adding a contemporary shag rug in a solid red or green to your living room will create a dramatic focal point. In the bedroom stay neutral and look for something that is warm and inviting.


Brighten up a space by adding flowers. A bold vase will provide a striking focal point. Remember a great vase should be able to stand up as a decoration on its own, regardless of whether or not it has flowers in it. Attractive vases never fail to bring elegance and style to any decor. Decorative vases carry a lot of enigmatic grace that adds even more style to your surroundings.

Frames and Wall Art

What is a wall without wall art? Show off your taste by putting some contemporary art in your home. This can include a group of pictures in sleek contemporary frames, or a one off piece of art that creates a focal point.

A double sided modern photo tower gives you the opportunity to display photos, you can easily update it or use it to carry through a theme of photos from childhood memories, holidays, wedding photos and when you tire of seeing these just turn it around or pop some new ones in.


Contemporary Home Accessories - Rugs, Mirrors, Lighting and Soft Furnishings

One of the best ways to accentuate your walls is with wall mirrors. Wall mirrors are both decorative and practical. You can use them to add unique style, reflect light and offer a stunning focal point. Mirrors look great in hallways, bedrooms and living rooms and can make the room appear more spacious. Contemporary mirrors include many styles and designs that will create a dramatic statement.

If you are hanging a decorative mirror, you will need to take several things into consideration. You should always hang a mirror so that it will reflect something beautiful or interesting. Most often, this is a view from outside. If this is not possible, then put a mirror where it will reflect an item or beautiful collection that you love.


Contemporary lighting can really enhance the final look of your room whether you want to create a dramatic effect, or a subtler atmosphere. Good lighting can be both practical and beautiful and it has many duties to perform around the house. With the right lighting, you can do amazing things with your indoor spaces. You can transform a dark and dreary room into a colourful, warm and inviting haven. Or make a large, sterile space seem intimate and cosy all with the flick of a switch.

Contemporary home accessories add the finishing touches of style and elegance to your home. Combining simplicity with earthy natural materials, our lamps, vases, bowls, plant pots, plates and mats appeal to the discerning buyer who appreciates uncluttered design. The natural materials bring a sense of exotic into the contemporary home, which cannot be found in every high street store. Our accessories are designed to complement the furniture range however they are visually stunning in their own right.

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