Contemporary Home Office Furniture

Contemporary home office furniture is sleek and striking and when teamed with the right accessories, can help create an environment that will inspire creativity and motivation. Solid wood desks in particular are warm and inviting and come in an unlimited number of designs and materials, so you can always find one to suit your home décor.

When it comes to choosing contemporary home office furniture, it is important to select the highest quality you can afford. Contemporary home office furniture that is stylish and hard-wearing is an investment. Solid wood desks, such as handmade teak desks, are extremely durable and will last a lifetime and beyond.

Creating the right environment, where you are surrounded by beautiful contemporary home office furniture, can help aid concentration. Solid wood desks are sturdy and dependable and have been in use for hundreds of years. Match a solid wood desk with good quality storage furniture such as book cases or filing cabinets. This helps keep the office tidy, your mind clear  and means you can easily find things when you need them.

Puji sell an excellent range of hand crafted contemporary home office furniture as well as solid wood desks in teak, or a combination of teak and mahogany. We also sell chairs, cupboards, contemporary display cabinets and solid wood shelving.

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Contemporary Solid Wood Desks

Contemporary furniture is all about simplicity of design and smooth straight lines. Furniture will have a sleek appearance and natural materials, such as solid wood, form part of the contemporary look. Contemporary solid wood desks make a stunning focal point in the home office. Solid wood has a certain warmth and timeless appeal. When teamed with a contemporary design the overall look is minimalist and uncluttered, which can help limit distraction and may ultimately lead to a better work output.

Solid wood desks are also a great investment as they are so robust and easy to maintain. Any scratches or marks made from pens or office equipment on a teak desk, for example, can be dealt with by a light application of wax or oil.

Puji contemporary solid wood desks are eye-catching in design and you can choose from oriental, dark and light wood styles. Our solid wood desks range from two to four handy storage drawers and can be teamed with a solid wood chair to complete the look. The Jaya teak and mahogany desk, can be matched with the Jaya dining chair, which also features a two-tone textured design.

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Home Office Furniture for Storage

While some people work better in a clutter-free environment and need extra furniture for storage to file away paperwork, others work better in a more chaotic environment. Studies have shown this really has no impact on the quality of work that is produced. However, by keeping a tidy office it is generally quicker and easier to find things.

If space allows, it is worthwhile investing in additional furniture to keep the office organised, such as book cases, cupboards, lockers, shelving and filing cabinets.  If you have a small office, the Mino Console can be matched perfectly with the solid teak Mino Slim Bookcase. This simple design has a combination of three shelves and four draws to provide ample storage for files and paperwork.

Puji sell a range of light and dark wood storage furniture in oak, teak and walnut including beautiful contemporary bookcases, such as the Oriental Orchid Bookcase, which can be used in many locations throughout the home including the home office, living room, dining room or bedroom.

Decorating Your Contemporary Home Office

When it comes to decorating your home office, think about how to accessorise this space. Choosing the right accessories is important in order to create a comfortable workspace you will enjoy spending time in.

Good lighting for instance, will help reduce eye-strain and beautiful, colourful artwork can be a source of inspiration. A round mirror with a natural frame, placed above the desk will open up the space and make the office lighter. Puji’s bamboo resin mirror is an excellent choice if you have a small room with light wood furniture. Add a stunning floor lamp such as the bamboo floor lamp and a beautiful floor vase such as Puji’s ripple floor vase with Liana decorative sticks to create an interesting focal point.

The colours you choose to paint your home office can also make a difference to your work output. Avoid colours that are too distracting. White is clean and bright and helps to open up a small space. Blues and purple are calming and help aid concentration and enhance mood. Yellows and red are warm colours that can help boost creativity. Green, however, is one of the best colours to both relax and inspire. It is a calming colour and helps to promote harmony.

If you are short of space and do not have a room which can serve as a separate study, then you may be able to create a good working environment in the living room. You can make this into your own private space by sectioning off the area with Puji’s stunning Jaya or Cocostick screen, to aid in concentration while you are working and to help to switch off from work when you have finished for the day.

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