Contemporary Kitchen Furniture – Making the Best Use of a Small Space

If you have a modern home with a small kitchen diner the chances are you will want to go for contemporary kitchen furniture that will make the best use of this space. While almost anything goes in a big, farmhouse style kitchen, you will need to be more selective if you have a small contemporary kitchen so as not to make this space appear cluttered or overcrowded.

Perhaps you have a small kitchen diner in a contemporary home, or you have a modern flat with an open plan space that is used as a kitchen, diner and living room area. Whatever the size of your kitchen, Puji has a range of contemporary kitchen furniture to help you make the best use of this space.

One of the benefits of contemporary kitchen furniture is that the sleek, clean lines and simple, fuss free, minimalist design – all goes a long way towards helping to make this space appear roomy.

Kitchen furniture in a small space should be practical and easy to maintain as your furniture will be subject to food and drinks spills. It should also be good to look at too as this area exists as the main hub of the home, where entertaining occurs and family and friends gather.

When it comes to choosing kitchen furniture, it is always better to go for the best you can afford as your kitchen table will be well utilised. For example it may double up as a food preparation surface, a desk for paperwork and bill paying, or as a handy surface for children’s homework, arts and crafts.

Puji sell high quality contemporary kitchen furniture including solid wood dining tables, wooden dining chairs, leather chairs, woven chairs, wooden sideboards, side tables and console tables.

We have modern styles of furniture to suit all types of kitchens, including: dark to light wood furniture, teak furniture, oak, mahogany furniture and furniture manufactured from other fine hardwoods.

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How to Choose Contemporary Kitchen Furniture to Make This Space Appear More Roomy

Contemporary Kitchen Table

If you have a very small space, think about investing in contemporary kitchen furniture that will not swamp or overwhelm this space, such as the Kotak Natural Round Table and the Kotak Square Table.

You may also want to consider the use of adaptable furniture, such as an extendable table with a mixture of chairs and or stools that can be tucked under after use or stacked in a corner. The smallest table on the Puji website is the Mino Square Extending Table which is as small as 80 cm x 80 cm but can be extended to 140 cm x 80 cm. It has a minimal design which works well in a contemporary setting as it gives the illusion of space.

In a small space your table may also double up as a work surface, so you will want to prepare food on it without leaving stains or marks. If your children are doing homework on it, you will want furniture that is practical so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep or maintenance of it. In this sense solid wood – such as teak – is a good option for a small, kitchen diner.

You may also want to think about the shape of your table. Square tables can be squeezed into a corner or pushed to the side of the room after use. Round tables are more sociable and can even be positioned in the middle of the kitchen as there are no corners to bump into as you carry out your kitchen duties.

Contemporary Kitchen Seating

If practicality is a priority it is a good idea to opt wooden seating as these type of chairs will easily withstand regular knocks and usage.

It may be that you want to go for stools rather than chairs, so you can push them under the table after use, and these can also double up as small side tables.

Perhaps you want a combination of chairs and benches? Wooden benches can be easily stored under the table so they don’t encroach into the room. They also seat more diners as you can all shuffle up one if an extra guest arrives. Puji sell a variety of benches and stools, including the Mino Stool with Back.

Contemporary Kitchen Storage

In a small kitchen it may be worthwhile buying furniture that has a secondary use. For example, if your children play  in the kitchen whilst you are cooking, it may be worthwhile investing in a storage chest where you can stow the children’s toys every evening. This can then double up as extra seating when you are entertaining.

The trick is to keep all surfaces as clutter free as possible so the space appears bigger than it actually is. You may also want to use sideboards to store crockery, table cloths, table mats and candles. The Indah Freestanding wine rack is a beautiful furniture piece for your finest wines and has a handy top surface for storage.

Other Tricks for a Small Contemporary Kitchen

It is always best to opt for lighter furniture if you have a small kitchen as this gives the illusion of space. However, making best use of space is not all about your choice of furniture as there are lots of other ways to make a small contemporary kitchen appear larger.

Another trick is to paint the walls in a light or neutral colour as this will make the room appear light and airy. Using mirrors will also expand the look of the space and make the kitchen look roomy.

Bespoke Furniture

Puji offer a bespoke design service so you can have furniture made to suit even the smallest of rooms. It could be for example, that you want a corner cabinet or corner shelving, or a small extendable table with matching stools. If you can’t find what you need on Puji’s website or showroom, ask about our bespoke furniture design service.

Contemporary Kitchen Furniture – click here to browse our full range

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