Contemporary Kitchen Tables and Chairs – Create the Look You Desire in Your Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen tables and chairs are perfect for the modern kitchen diner. With solid wood furniture you can create almost any look you want including modern, relaxed, trendy or rustic dining spaces.

Puji has a beautiful range of contemporary kitchen tables and chairs which are well suited for today’s open plan kitchen diners, adjoining breakfast areas and traditional kitchens with a central dining space.

Puji’s wide selection of contemporary kitchen tables include teak, mahogany, oriental, chunky, black and white lacquered, solid wood, round, square, rectangular and extendable. We also have a full range of contemporary kitchen chairs to match including teak, leather, woven, wooden, curved backs, slatted backs, straight backed chairs and seating featuring elegantly designed wooden hand carved motifs.

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Contemporary Kitchen Tables for a Kitchen Diner

A contemporary kitchen diner features minimalist style furniture with clean, sleek lines. Furniture is chic and sophisticated and has simple but elegant designs. This look is ideal for all types of householders including singles, couples and families.

However, to achieve this look you do not have to match the contemporary kitchen tables and seating exactly. Instead you can choose a timeless and classic teak wood contemporary kitchen table and mix it with very sleek modern plastic chairs or team woven chairs with benches, woven chairs with solid wood chairs or also solid wood benches with leather upholstered chairs.

Puji sell a wide range of kitchen diner furniture including solid teak wood tables and contemporary kitchen chairs, benches, leather upholstered chairs and woven chairs. For instance, the Mino Natural Bench matches perfectly with the Mino Natural Dining Table and the Banana Natural Leg Chairs.

Make the look complete with soft lighting and beautiful crockery such as Puji’s Porcelein White Tear Bowls.

Don’t forget to include mood lighting too. Pendant lighting hung above the table will spotlight your contemporary kitchen table and give it added wow factor.

Relaxed Kitchen Diner

This is a great look for busy families. The kitchen diner is generally where friends and family congregate, so if you are well used to entertaining, your kitchen diner should feel relaxed and comfortable.

So what makes a comfy kitchen diner? It should include contemporary kitchen chairs and furniture that you don’t have to worry too much about spilling food on because it can be easily wiped free of dirt. This is why teak furniture works so well in a room like this as it is easy to clean – just sponge any food stains with a slightly damp cloth and you can easily remove the stain. Teak is also very hard wearing and resilient so it is ideal for busy kitchens which are in use from morning until nightfall.

If you are short on space think about folding or extendable contemporary kitchen tables. This means you can accommodate extra guests when needed without having to compromise on space. Made from reclaimed teak, The Mino Natural Extending Table is ideal for this and has been hand-sanded to give it a smooth and chic appearance. It can be matched with any of Puji’s contemporary kitchen chairs.

Trendy Kitchen Diner

A trendy kitchen diner should be low maintenance with interesting and colourful accessories to brighten the look. Red is ideal for a kitchen diner as it stimulates the appetite. Puji’s Wine Glasses Set Red or Mosaic Coaster Set will give a room with natural solid teak furniture a fresh and fashionable look.

Blue is another good colour for eating areas as it is said to encourage conversation. Consider the use of blue candles as a centre piece such as Puji’s Silhouette T-light Holder.

If you are a couple or small family, solid teak square or round tables are ideal for a stylish kitchen diner. Square and round tables offer greater eye contact during mealtimes, so they improve the flow of conversation. They are also perfect for small spaces as there is more room to manoeuvre around them. For an eye-catching look, hang vivid contemporary artwork on the walls.

Rustic Kitchen Diner

Rustic furniture has a warm and homely feel and is ideal for large farmhouse style kitchens where this space is central to family life. Benches, woven chairs and chunky solid teak furniture with a natural finish all look good in a country style kitchen and give a timeless and cosy look.

Teak is perfect for busy kitchens as the wood is so robust. It is resistant to knocks and scratches and can be put right with a light application of oil. In a rustic-style home, any deeper marks on the table surface will simply add more character to your contemporary kitchen furniture.

Decorate the table with an interesting centre piece such as the Teak Serving Bowl, which you can also use for salads or as a fruit bowl. Made from 100 per cent reclaimed teak, the Roco Kitchen Dining Table is ideal for this space and can be matched with either the Puji’s Banana Light Leg Chair or if you prefer leather upholstered seats, the Indah Natural Pasha Chair.

Think about having lots of storage furniture too so you can have everything to hand, such as the Indah Natural Sideboard which has plenty of storage space and gives a comfortable, earthy feel to your interior.

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