Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Want a statement living room? Create a room that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture - Solid Wood & Exotic Accessories

Your living room should be a sanctuary from the every day stresses of modern living. This is a room that you will spend many hours in and creating an ideal and relaxing space is of utmost importance. A contemporary theme can often give your living room a quiet and comfortable appeal. Simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines help to define contemporary styling, as well as a sense of space. To achieve a contemporary living room you should focus on colour, space and shape and the end result will be sleek, fresh and stylish.

Here are our top tips on creating a statement living room:-

  • The first thing to consider when creating a streamlined and clutter-free retreat is your colour scheme. Keep colours simple in the living room and consider warmer, neutral tones. Warm chocolate matches with whites and cream and colour schemes like this will keep your living room clean, warm and welcoming.
  • You can always create a feature wall if you’re feeling bold and creative. One wall can be wallpapered with a statement print, if you choose a graphic print then its best to keep the rest of your accents in the room plain.
  • Setting a modern fire into a wall will really offset your contemporary look. You could even draw attention to it by painting this wall a feature colour.
  • What’s on your floor can add to the decorating style and a good quality wood flooring never dates and ages well. If you desire carpet choose one in a very definite colour such as cream, brown or if you dare white. Try to avoid the honey; beige or taupe tones in this room as your flooring needs to be a backdrop for your furniture and contrast is needed.
  • If you can’t afford new floors in your living room then you can mask your current floors with rugs in a contemporary design – either geometric print or a plain sisal rug.
  • Lights bring life to every corner of the room. They may add a sensuous feel to the room or make it look like a perfect place for social get together. Mood lighting is the latest trend in home decoration. Table lamps and floor lamps will offer soft ambient lighting and can give the living room a more relaxed feel especially on those dark winter evenings.
  • When choosing furniture look for pieces that are comfortable and practical. This is a high functioning room so comfort is still a top priority. Square, chunky wooden furniture has a modern appeal and can instantly give your living room a more contemporary look.
  • Add interest to your living room by selecting statement key pieces. A beautiful coffee table will always be a talking point with your visitors and friends. In this prime spot of your home, make sure you take the opportunity to make that statement.
  • A contemporary living room will still need storage. Bookcases are perfect for displaying your favorite books and collections.
  • If you’re giving your living room a make over you’ll need to consider your seating. Introduce contemporary leather or upholstered sofas. Stick to solid colours and use your cushions to add a more adventurous splash of colour. Big bold patterns are very trendy at the moment and they can be used on your cushions if you want to introduce this look to your living room.
  • Contemporary wall art can bring life to your walls whilst a large mirror can look equally stunning and really open up your space.
  • Room divider screens are used to provide definition in large open spaces and hide away things you don’t want on display. Beautiful pieces in their own right, they also make attractive focal points and add interest to your home.
  • Matching picture frames either in color or shape is a great way to display your photos. They create a uniform, clean look and look best when arranged together.
  • Floral displays in modern vases instantly dress a room, if you cant keep investing in real flowers then consider a big floor vase with modern bamboo sticks.

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