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Contemporary Office Furniture - Solid Wood - Bespoke Design Service

The average office worker spends a third of their time in the office. To ensure happiness and high commercial productivity, a contemporary and stylish work environment is vital. It must also look professional and inviting so that visitors gain a good impression of your company.

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Contemporary Office Furniture - Solid Wood - Bespoke Design ServiceThere are several factors to consider when creating the optimum office space, including suitable colour schemes, good lighting, contemporary commercial furniture and decor. But first you should think about the size and shape of the space you have and consider the best way to use it.


Planning the space

Creating a good commercial work environment involves thinking about what people will actually be doing there. Will they be interacting with clients or working solitarily on the computer?

If your employees spend a great deal of time on the phone to clients, cubicles provide privacy and help concentration. Make sure to provide spatial opportunities for interaction to avoid them feeling isolated.

Creative companies benefit from open-plan spaces, and contemporary versatile furniture that can be moved easily could help. Stacking chairs, and tables on lockable wheels, may be suitable.

If you have personal client contact in the office, consider how formally you want to establish your relations. Placing a chair or two on the opposite side of your desk will create a formal, professional atmosphere. If you want to place an emphasis on friendliness, create a reception area away from your desk; use a coffee table and either a sofa and an armchair, or two chairs placed at right angles to each other. This helps avoid a confrontational atmosphere.

Colour schemes

It’s impossible to make any general rules about colour schemes; each individual client has their own preferences and different themes work well for different types of commercial practices. However we suggest that if you are separating interaction spaces from private spaces, you could try using a different colour on the walls, or different flooring, to subtly separate them. This is an alternative to a room divider or even a wall, and helps the space remain open and airy.


Lighting has a large impact on the concentration levels of your staff. When working with computers over time eyes can become more sensitive to light. You want your staff to stay awake but not get stressed out, and it can be hard to strike the balance. Lighting should mimic natural daylight as much as possible – strip lighting feels particularly artificial and tires the eyes.


Of course an overly decorated office space would be too distracting since the staff would keep looking at everything around them. However, adding a few decorative touches stops the space from being plain and boring. Computers and other office equipment make the air very dry, so adding some water to the space helps humidify the air; try an aquarium with tropical fish, plants, or vases of flowers.


Likewise, natural wooden furniture helps balance the room. Too much plastic and metal in the office with all the computers makes the space feel superficial. Solid timber desks and storage units will bring it back down to earth.

Suitable stylish furniture should be found to fit the behaviour patterns of staff. High quality furniture is needed to hold all those files and heavy computer equipment. It’s best to invest in good quality furniture now, so that it lasts for a long time and you won’t have to keep replacing it or repairing it; since lower quality furniture is more likely to break.

Ensure there’s enough storage space so desks do not become overly cluttered. Clutter is very retarding to productivity since it is distracting. Consider whether each individual member of staff needs their own storage space, or if a central filing unit would work better.

Contemporary Office Furniture - Solid Wood - Bespoke Design Service


A good office chair is essential. Ergonomic chairs are vital if you’re going to be sitting down for long periods of time. A chair which is slightly uncomfortable, or the wrong height for you, could lead to Repetitive Strain Injury.

If clients and shareholders visit your office directly, it is important that they feel at ease in the space, and even impressed by it. They want their needs to be addressed, and comfortable furniture can really help.

In order to make the best use out of every inch of the space you have, made-to-measure furniture is necessary. If you have several desks in one room, and each desk is just a little too big, this will make a huge difference to the remaining space. Our made-to-measure service is a perfect solution. We provide this service on many of our existing products at We offer a wide range of contemporary, durable, versatile and eco-friendly furniture.

Aside from simply altering the size of a design, if you have found the design you like but it’s not quite the right colour, or made of the right wood, we can help.

However, if you’re looking for something specific, then we offer a bespoke design service for contract furniture. Whether it’s one piece or a whole interior project, we design directly to fulfil your needs.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a free estimate. We will then design the furniture on software packages including CAD and provide you with drawings and a more detailed quote. Our furniture is designed using only the best construction methods and sustainable materials.

We specialise in working with sustainable hardwoods, especially teak wood, which is durable and robust, but we also work with a variety of other materials including glass, stone and metals.

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