Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs - for the Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and Hall

Contemporary Rugs – how to choose the right rug for each room of your home.

Decorating with a contemporary rug is one of the easiest ways to revitalize and update a room in your home. Contemporary rugs  give a room an instant ‘face lift and help soften the look of wooden, or stone flooring, and bring a splash of colour, pattern and texture to a neutral decorating scheme.


Contemporary Rugs - for the Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and Hall

Sizing is as important in choosing a new rug as colour and styling. A perfectly sized rug can work to complement both the décor and the furniture arrangement. However, a rug that is too large or too small for a space can have the opposite effect. Sizing the area properly will help in choosing the right rug for your room. Before you purchase a rug it is always best to measure up first and work out what areas you want to cover.

In the Hallway

A contemporary rug in the entrance hallway will not only add style and protect your floor, but it can create a welcoming feel and helps set the mood for other common areas of your home, such as your living room. Nothing accents your hallway better than a beautiful, modern rug.

When choosing a hallway rug, it’s best to remember that this is a high footfall area and a contemporary patterned or darker toned rug will help disguise dirt and traffic patterns. Your hallway rug needs to combine beauty with durability and it’s best to choose a rug with a small tight pile to make cleaning easier.

In the Living room

Contemporary Rugs - for the Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and HallThe Living room should be a place for gathering together with friends and family and rugs can help define a seating area. Most living rooms have the furniture directed towards the TV and coffee tables are often used in front of sofas and chairs. Placing a rug in the centre will provide even more structure to your room. Remember that the living room is usually one of the largest rooms in the house and a small rug may become lost. So measure first and make sure all of the legs of your coffee table will fit on the rug; the most popular sizes for this room are 6’x 4′ and 5′ x 8′.

A light coloured living room rug can make a room feel more spacious, while deeper colours make this space more cosy. One of the most important things to remember when choosing a living room rug is for it to complement the rest of the room. In many living rooms, rugs occupy a central position, so they can be used to help direct eye movement, flow of motion and even conversation.

A living room rug can be especially helpful in a room with hardwood floors because it will protect the floor and add warmth and softness to the room. If the living room is white or generally monochromatic, rugs can also be used to add a burst of colour and energy.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, a soft, rich rug works wonderfully placed in front and this can create a strong focal point that looks luxurious and inviting.

In the Dining room

Contemporary dining room rugs are perfect for creating an intimate dining area in even the starkest, unused room. A contemporary rug adds colour and can work to soften the tones of the wood in the table and chairs. When choosing your rug it’s important to measure up and select a rug so that all the dining furniture will fit on it. Most dining room rugs should measure at least 8′ x 11′. If you don’t want a rug under the dining table then consider placing a narrow rug in front of a sideboard as a way of introducing texture and colour.

In the dining room you can select a rug to add colour. As most of it will be hidden under your table and chairs, it won’t be too overpowering. You can really get creative and consider colours and patterns that you wouldn’t normally choose. It’s best to stick with a tight woven rug so that it can be vaccumed easily.

Your dining room is also an ideal place to hang a knotted rug or kilim on a wall. Lighting in the dining rooms should be subtle and ambient, and a well placed light can give an attractive glow to the colours of your contemporary rug and show off the weave to best effect.

In the Bedroom

Nothing feels as good as waking up and putting your feet on the floor into a thick, plush rug especially on a cold winter’s morning. Whether you have wall to wall carpeting or hardwood floors in your bedroom, placing rugs on the floor are not only a fun way to decorate but also add a feeling of luxury to the bedroom

In the bedroom you can really go for comfort and introduce a rug that is more delicate. This room doesn’t have heavy traffic and you shouldn’t find yourself trampling over your bedroom floor in muddy boots.

A contemporary rug in the right colour and design can make your bedroom seem larger, brighter and cheerier. Your rug can reflect your personality and taste. One of the most popular choices for the bedroom is a soft, deep pile rug and any colour scheme can be enhanced by the use of a rug.

Wool rugs are very popular in the bedroom. Contemporary wool rugs help keep rooms cool in winter and warmer in summer, due to their insular properties. They also mitigate bacterial growth and control allergies. Good quality wool rugs are extremely resilient and long lasting.

Before you purchase a rug for your bedroom you should consider where it will be positioned and measure up to see what size is most suitable.

A bedroom rug works best placed beside, or at the end of the bed, so that when you wake up you can enjoy the comfort it offers. You can even consider purchasing a large area rug and placing your bed on it to create a more dramatic focal point.

Avoid large patterns if you have a small bedroom as this will close the space in. Instead introduce a soft toned rug which will create a cosy atmosphere but still keep the room feeling light and airy.

Floor coverings and rugs can be used in any room to add warmth, beauty and style to your home decor and enhance your home decorating scheme.

Every room in your home could benefit from the addition of a beautiful, new contemporary rug – click here to browse our collection.


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