Contemporary Teak Furniture – The Beauty of Teak

Contemporary Teak Furniture – The Beauty of Wood

When furnishing your home and searching for wooden furniture, you have in mind that you want this furniture to last, be practical and beautiful. The advantages of purchasing reclaimed teak furniture is that it can be left in its natural light teak finish or it can be stained to a wonderful rich, dark finish; although it does not need painting, staining or oiling to keep its durability.

Puji offers a variety of stunning reclaimed teak furniture. Each individual range has its own unique features,  depending on what style you prefer, whether it’s traditional, rustic and dark, or contemporary, sleek and light.

Our Mino Range  is modern, sophisticated and elegant. Each piece in the Mino range is contemporary, with no handles and no overlays – perfect if you are going minimalist look.  Lovingly hand crafted from reclaimed teak, left in its natural finish this highlights the beauty of the wood grain.

Contemporary Teak Furniture – The Beauty of WoodRich, traditional and dark, our classic Henry Range will never go out of style; this range would enhance your space and leave your environment feeling cosy and relaxing.  Made from high quality reclaimed teak,  it is stained to a luxurious, dark finish to enhance the beauty of the wood grain.


Our Indah Range is available in both the natural and dark finish, still rustic yet elegantly contemporary with no overlays. It is so versatile,  it would be perfect for any interior design scheme, adding character and warmth.

Contemporary Teak Furniture – The Beauty of WoodIf you prefer attention to detail, being unique and standing out, then our Colonial range maybe the perfect choice for you. Hand finished, this stunning range, with carved detail, will bring elegance and charm into your home; each showcase piece would make a bold impact in any room.


Our stunning oriental Harmoni range is breathtaking. If you need a create a space to relax and zone out, then this range will create an atmosphere that feels peaceful and calm.  The Harmoni range is stained dark, leaving each piece looking rich and beautiful.

We have created a Pinterest Board for you to view and take in the ‘Beauty of Teak’.

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