Contemporary Wardrobes

A contemporary wardrobe adds individuality and style to your bedroom. Apart from the bed, the wardrobe is one of the key items in this space of calm and relaxation, so it is important to take time to make the right choice. For many people furniture is a way of showing a person’s personality, so a beautiful bed and wardrobe can make a real difference to the overall look of this room.

Puji sell a stunning range of contemporary wardrobes for the modern home including solid wood wardrobes made from teak and oak and Chinese lacquer wardrobes in a striking black lacquer or white lacquer finish. We also offer a made-to-measure service for that perfect bedroom storage solution.

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What makes a contemporary wardrobe?

Smooth, straight lines and bold geometric shapes are characteristics of a contemporary wardrobe. So if you want your wardrobe to look sleek and smart, contemporary-style bedroom furniture could be just what you are looking for.

A contemporary home works to maximise efficiency with clean, open spaces and stylish, yet simple designs. The focus is on empty areas as well as quality furniture, to create a home which is not only functional, but also very beautiful to live in.

Contemporary wardrobes need to be practical with adequate storage space for clothes, shoes and accessories. Less is more in a contemporary home, so a wardrobe is a great way to keep your bedroom clutter free. Keep jewellery, scarves, handbags and hair accessories etc. neatly out of sight. An organised space will create a tranquil and calming atmosphere for a good night’s rest and will also ensure you have everything to hand in the morning.

Puji’s wardrobes include full hanging designs and wardrobes with drawers to give people a range of options to suit their needs. They can be made-to-measure, which is perfect if you have an odd shaped room or tricky alcove to fill. They can also be custom designed to suit your requirements however we do not currently produce built in wardrobes.

Contemporary wardrobe styling

A contemporary wardrobe is fuss free in design, with clean lines and a lack of curves or decoration. Instead, the focus is on space, shape, colour and practicality, to create a stylish furniture piece that you will admire.

Contemporary wardrobes are high quality and often made from solid wood, so they are built to last. For many people solid wood is the material of choice for bedroom furniture because it is so robust and strong.

Oriental furniture is very trendy and up-to date, such as Chinese wardrobes in black or white lacquer. Black lacquer wardrobes are popular they add elegance and sophistication to an Oriental themed bedroom. White lacquer furniture is restful and calming and gives a crisp, clean look to an interior.

Contemporary woods

Teak wood is extremely contemporary and a great choice for a wardrobe because it is so beautiful and hard wearing. It is a stunning exotic hardwood with rich grain patterns, deep colours and interesting character marks. Teak looks particularly striking when teamed with contemporary and innovative designs.

Tropical hardwoods such as mahogany and teak are popular choice for furniture today because of their appearance and durability. Mahogany and teak wood is a very up-to-date combination and used together can produce wonderful furniture pieces such as Puji’s Jaya range, which includes wardrobes, beside tables and chest of drawers. Mahogany has golden to deep red brown of dark wood which is in contrast to teak, which has a honey shade to dark brown colour. Both have similar textures.

Solid oak is also very fashionable and looks wonderful teamed with contemporary designs. It is very robust and easy to maintain, so it can be admired for generations. The natural beauty of the wood can be enhanced by furniture wax, or it can be stained to a colour of your choice such as light, dark or mid-colour. Left natural, it has a more rustic look, which works particularly well in country homes and cottages.

Dark oak has warmth and elegance which suits any home design, whether it is period, classical, modern or contemporary. Light oak furniture has a beauty and timeless appeal, which creates a sense of luxury. You can also contrast light and dark furniture for a striking contemporary look.

Types of contemporary wardrobe:

Full hanging wardrobes

Full hanging wardrobes can be single, double or triple and have a clothing rail spanning the full length of the inside. Some benefit from full length mirrors on the front or inside door and may also have a shelf above the rail to store jumpers, scarves, handbags. A full hanging wardrobe may also have a shelf at the base, which can be used for shoes, boots, blankets or small suitcases.

As a full-hanging wardrobe has large space to hang clothes, it is ideal for long dresses, coats, suits and ties. The area below can be used for shoes and you can place additional hooks on the inside door for belts and necklaces.

Wardrobes with built-in drawers

In addition to a hanging space for clothes, some wardrobes come with built-in drawers. This can include one or more drawers at the base of the wardrobe and/or additional internal drawers or open shelves on one side for socks, underwear and T-shirts.

Wardrobes with built-in drawers are great for storing dresses, coats and suits as well as jumpers and T-shirts. A combination of drawers and hanging rail is particularly useful for small bedrooms, where there is not enough space for a chest of drawers.

Gents Wardrobes

A gent’s wardrobe usually has half the hanging space of a standard wardrobe (around 50 – 70 percent) with either one or more drawers at the bottom. The hanging space can be used for suits, ties, shirts and jackets.

Gent’s wardrobes are also referred to as combination wardrobes. The additional drawers are ideal for storing jumpers, T-shirts, towels and bedding.

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