Contemporary Wooden Furniture – Creating a Stylish Entrance Hallway Whatever Size of Space

The entrance into your home speaks volumes about you and your interior.  We all wish we had a grand opening with a sweeping staircase, beautiful chandelier above it, and a huge walled mirror. However, for most of us when we put the key in the door, we trip over shoes, school bags and general clutter.  Some of us may be lucky enough to have a window that’s positioned to let in natural light but for many others, especially those of us in flats, our hallways will be oddly shaped and dark.  These spaces are never easy to furnish and yet it’s the area that our guests and neighbours will see first – so its importance is high on the list.

Puji have worked hard to build a collection of contemporary wooden furniture and beautiful accessories.  Small, simple changes can transform this part of your home without costing huge amounts.  Adding a few new items, whether it’s a console table or just a floor vase, will give your hall a makeover that your guests are sure to notice.

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How to Create a Stylish Hallway

Contemporary Wooden Furniture – Creating a Stylish Entrance HallwayAs your guests enter your home, the hallway speaks volumes to them and should leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons.  It’s important that it’s bright and airy, clutter free, and most importantly, welcoming.  Whether you have a large farmhouse, a small flat or terraced house, if you get the entrance way right your guests will be curious to know what style tips you have managed in the rest of your home.

Contemporary wooden furniture is great for the hallway; it’s very hardwearing which makes it the perfect choice for this high traffic area of the home.  Most wooden furniture simply needs dry dusting and an occasional coat of wax and oil so the maintenance won’t be demanding.

Puji have a wide range of contemporary wooden furniture for this space in solid hard woods such as teak, which is extremely long lasting.   Our styles are vast, varying from very sleek contemporary lines to beautiful hand carved console tables and shoe racks.

For the hallway you should consider some key pieces to get the most out of this space:

Console Tables – If you have the space, a console table is a great investment to make.  Most console tables will offer drawers to help hide clutter and mail and most will even have a shelf for you to display your gorgeous accessories on.  The top can be adorned with a statement lamp, photo frame, and even a nice decorative plate that you can throw your mail and keys in.

Contemporary Wooden Furniture – Creating a Stylish Entrance HallwayBookcases are ideal if you have a larger hallway, which perhaps leads onto a library area or living room space.  You can display your best books and a few key accessories here.



Blanket Boxes is a very versatile piece for the hallway.  The top surface can act as an extra seat, which is great especially if you have small children who need help getting their shoes on in the morning.  The internal storage also means you can hide shoes, toys, magazines, wellingtons, umbrellas, and anything else you like to keep on reach.  They are also perfect for pet lovers who need to keep dog leads, boots and various items close.

Shoe Cupboards help keep your hallway open and remove that trip hazard we have all experienced.  You can still come home and kick off your shoes, but with a shoe cupboard they will be housed in a storage unit as opposed to the floor.  These are suitable for even the smallest of spaces because they are so narrow. They are ideal for homes and flats short on space and are now available in lots of contemporary designs.

Contemporary Wooden Furniture – Creating a Stylish Entrance HallwayBespoke furniture – If you’re really limited on space or if you just want something tailored to your needs, then consider our bespoke service.  We can make an item to fit under the stairs or fill a tricky alcove, or create a piece to provide you with the storage you need.



Contemporary Wooden Furniture – Creating a Stylish Entrance HallwayThe hallway should always be accessorised; dress this area of your home to make a stylish and welcoming impression.  Add a floor vase with a bit of sparkle if you want a modern hall, or for a rustic farmhouse try a wooden vase with decorative sticks.  Add a table top lamp to a console table that reflects your colour scheme and draws the eye to your furniture.  Always add a mirror if you have the wall space: a mirror will open the space and reflect light to make it appear bigger.  If you have space, introduce a rug to define it and don’t forget to add a plant – this part of the home should always have a bit of green!

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