Converting your attic? 5 Uses of the Extra Space

Solid Wood Furniture- Top storage solutions for attic space

As the years go by, life often brings about some amazing changes – relationships develop, families grow, and the amount of things we have in the house increases! Before you know it, you may find you need more storage space, or you may simply need another room to separate the kids.  Converting your attic is an ideal solution if you are looking for some extra square footage; this is your time to create a masterpiece from your attic, embrace the angles of the walls, and find the perfect solid wood furniture to fit in the space.

When converting the attic, there are many ways to ensure you are getting full use out of your room.  Attics can be converted into bedrooms, children’s playrooms, an office, entertainment rooms, or extra living space. Here at Puji we have a lovely variation of solid wood furniture that would be suitable to furnish the entire house! Below, we have put together ideas of how you really could take full advantage of the extra space.

Solid Wood Furniture- Top storage solutions for attic space1. If you are converting your attic into your new master bedroom, Puji offer a unique selection of solid reclaimed teak beds, which are available in natural or dark rich stains. To finish the look, we offer solid wood furniture and blanket chests that are perfect for storing bed linen, shoes, and clothing.

Solid Wood Furniture- Top storage solutions for attic space2.  A children’s playroom will always need furniture items  which are durable and hard wearing. As attics normally feature low angles, you can’t always place ready made cupboards in these spaces because of the height of the units.  Sideboards are a good alternative because they are generally lower and  will have a combination of drawers and cupboards which are ideal for storing toys and the children’s school work.

Solid Wood Furniture- Top storage solutions for attic space3. Office – to keep the office space organised, it always helps to have bookcases where you can store your books, files and paperwork. Puji have a fantastic selection of bookcases in a range of heights including some very low units for those awkward spaces. And, if you still can’t find one which is the perfect height then Puji’s bespoke design service is always at hand.

Solid Wood Furniture- Top storage solutions for attic space4. Entertainment games rooms – family games rooms will usually have the classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Chess. However, to prevent this space from looking messy, why not introduce storage to keep them out of sight?  Entertainment rooms need to be kept organised and this is where our Artisan chest of drawers would work as an ideal storage option.  It features different sized drawers for all your various  games. This unique chest of drawers has a quirky look and is the perfect choice for an entertainment room.

Solid Wood Furniture- Top storage solutions for attic space5. Living rooms – sitting quietly and watching a movie is usually a rare event in a household with kids, but when the toys have been packed away and the children have been tucked up in bed, the best feeling is grabbing a soft throw and relaxing in front of the television. A great solution for extra space in the living room is to introduce a blanket chest which doubles up as a coffee table, and is the ideal place  to store your cosy throws!

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