Create a Haven of Tranquillity with Chinese Beds

The bedroom is the room where we escape to relax and unwind.  Often it is the one room in the house that you can really allow to reflect your private personality as, unlike the living or dining room, this space is just for you!  A Chinese bedroom works brilliantly as the simplicity of the furniture, and symmetry, promotes rest and calmness.

Create a focal point in your bedroom

As the bed is the centre-piece of the room,  it ,  should be the first thing that catches your eye.  Keep the wall colour in a Chinese bedroom neutral, with no bold prints.  Chinese inspired bedrooms often feature beautiful bedding, faux silks and indulgent throws.  Puji sell a variety of stunning Chinese beds and accessories that work perfectly in an Oriental bedroom.

White Lacquered Chinese Beds

Chinese Beds – Oriental Furniture – How to Create a Tranquil BedroomThese oriental lacquered beds look so crisp, clean and fresh in white.  A bed like this will immediately evoke feelings of calmness and tranquillity in your Chinese bedroom.  They can be dressed with beautiful white bedding and layered with warm colourful throws and cushions.



Black Lacquered Chinese Beds

Chinese Beds – Oriental Furniture – How to Create a Tranquil BedroomBlack furniture has always been a popular colour choice for the oriental bedroom.  In Feng Shui it is a yin colour and in the bedroom the more yin energy we have the better!  Yin energy promotes rest and relaxation, so it is a very calming, tranquil choice for the bedroom.  Black lacquered furniture will need accent colours to lighten it; tones of gold and red are perfect for accessories.



Wooden Chinese Beds

Chinese Beds – Oriental Furniture – How to Create a Tranquil BedroomFor those who love the natural grain and texture of wood, but still want  a Chinese theme, look for wooden beds that feature beautiful detailing and fretwork.  Dark wood in warm brown tones are rich in appearance and  look gorgeous in the bedroom.

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