Create a Restful, Summer Feel with White Furniture

Chinese Lacquer Furniture – White Lacquered Furnishings

Chinese lacquer furniture in white can make your home decor feel really open and fresh and give it that lovely holiday vibe.  White furniture attracts light and will immediately make your room appear larger, brighter and more airy.  The introduction of Chinese lacquer furniture will also give your interior decor a calming, harmonious and Zen feel which is ideal for those who like uncluttered and minimalist interiors.  Our home should be a sanctuary and somewhere we want to escape to after the long, tiring day and what could better than a tranquil environment, beautifully furnished?

Chinese Lacquer Furniture – White Lacquered Furnishings Puji’s collection of white lacquer furniture caters for all areas of the home, from the hallway, through to the living room, bedroom, dining room, study area and landing. Our design team understand that refurbishing and updating the home doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul.  Sometimes it is best done in stages, room by room, or just with the introduction of a few key pieces.  Our lacquered collection will certainly create a focal point in any home and offers a subtle, yet gorgeous stressed edge detail with distinctive hinged handles.

Chinese Lacquer Furniture – White Lacquered Furnishings But why buy Chinese lacquer furniture?  The answer is simple: it offers a sleek, clean and streamlined design.  Usually lacquered up to 7 times, the surface is very durable and hardwearing.  The workmanship and design gives these pieces a relaxing and peaceful air that will be accentuated throughout the home.   You can also use white furniture but create a different ambience. Why not introduce a Mediterranean interior inspired by holiday homes?  You could introduce soft furnishings in beautiful burnt orange and terracotta to remind you of those warm, summer evenings and help complete your look.  Wooden shutters work beautifully with these interiors.  Increasingly popular and available in a variety of styles, they are fantastic for functionality and design.

White furniture is a great option for those who love to accessorise and change the theme of a room to suit current trends.  The neutral, light surface works well with all colours and once you choose a theme it can be coordinated with accessories and soft furnishings to brighten up the room and inject your personality.  Your living room could have an instant face lift by displaying bright accessories on the coffee table, and then simply add some vibrant cushions to the sofa and you will have brought balance to the room and warmed the white furniture.  Now, light a scented candle and your room will feel very relaxing and welcoming; perfect for snuggling on the sofa or if you want to enjoy a glass of wine in front of the TV.

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