Creating a contemporary style bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture - Solid Wood Beds & Indonesian Accessories

Is your bedroom in need of a makeover? Then why not go modern and contemporary. The beautiful sleek clean lines associated with contemporary furniture look stunning when implemented in the bedroom.

Your bedroom is the one room where your individual needs and tastes can really be put into practice. You can create your own signature styled contemporary space by giving your bedroom a new coat of paint, some new accessories and a few key pieces of furniture. Once you begin to give your bedroom a make over, look for high quality contemporary furniture pieces that can be tied together with a few bold splashes of colour or unique textures.

To strike the perfect balance between the sleek lines of your furnishings and the warmth that every cosy bedroom needs, then keep reading for more decorating tips.

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In the contemporary bedroom your backdrop should not be busy and overwhelming. Avoid things like heavy, busy drapes, gaudy wallpaper and a brightly coloured carpet. Remember your furniture should be the room’s central focus.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture - Solid Wood Beds & Indonesian AccessoriesFirstly consider the colour on your walls. They will be the main backdrop for your furniture and accessories. Look at colours that promote rest and relaxation. In the bedroom modern contemporary colours don’t have to be neutral but can include greens, soft blues, and greys. These colours will make your room appear larger and lighter. If you want a more classic contemporary back drop there is nothing more modern and timeless than off-white.

In the bedroom go for hardwood floors in natural finishes or for a softer effect consider a beautiful deep pile carpet. Carpet in natural tones of beige and taupe tend to work best in a contemporary bedroom. You can also add gorgeous textures with a contemporary rug. Shag rugs are trendy and inviting. This will add interest to your bedroom and if you have chosen a wooden floor it will feel wonderful, especially on those cold mornings.

If you have drapes or curtains at your windows make sure to choose sheer fabrics and avoid heavy patterns and textures. Blinds and shutters look stunning when used in a contemporary bedroom; they are easily adjusted to create the perfect level of natural light.

Try to visualize your bedroom as a canvas, your walls, flooring and window coverings are the easels upon which it stands. Too much colour, pattern and texture in the background will detract from the beauty of your contemporary furnishings.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture - Solid Wood Beds & Indonesian AccessoriesYour bedroom should be soft and calm. Set the mood with low lighting that will highlight the elegance of your surroundings. Your contemporary bedroom lighting should have neutral coloured shades and sleek bases. Your contemporary bedroom should be suitably lit but never overpowered. Bedside table lamps or a floor lamp reflect light onto the ceiling and walls and will offer a more soft diffused light. This will bring a touch of romance to the bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture - Solid Wood Beds & Indonesian AccessoriesThe most important item in your bedroom is your bed; when we walk into a bedroom our eyes are naturally drawn to the bed. Its solid presence imposes on the empty space and grabs our attention, creating the main focal point. Contemporary beds come in many different materials including wood, metal, leather and cloth. The style of a contemporary bed is generally low slung with an open frame. This translates into a lower-to-the-ground bed. If you prefer higher bed frames, then a contemporary styled sleigh bed may be the perfect choice. Look for styles that don’t overpower the room – the lines should be clean and simple without ornamentation or bedposts.

In order to have a sleek contemporary bedroom you don’t necessarily need coordinating pieces to match your bed, but the room should offer furniture with lots of storage combined with simple, clean lines. Consider flush fronted chests with simple metal handles, or for a trendy modern look consider chests without handles that have a hidden groove.

If your laundry has a habit of ending up on the floor then it may be time to invest in a new laundry basket that will blend in with your contemporary bedroom furniture.Your contemporary bedroom should be clutter free, look for other useful storage in the form of storage baskets, small stackable boxes or even a beautiful trunk for the end of your bed.  If your laundry has a habit of ending up on the floor then it may be time to invest in a new laundry basket that will blend in with your contemporary bedroom furniture.

Now you have a neutral bedroom with a striking bed it will need to be dressed. Choose solid coloured bedding to achieve the most streamlined look. Your bedding should be devoid of prints or patterns, plain and powerfully simple.

A contemporary bedroom is light on accessories, but the few pieces you do have are key to the success of the design. Be sure to include a few pieces that are simple in line and form. A contemporary single stem vase can look great on top of a dresser, or a few precious photographs in modern frames can help them really stand out.

Creating a beautiful contemporary look in your bedroom can be as basic as changing a few accessories or as involved as doing a total room make over. Contemporary bedroom furniture and accessories – click here to get inspired!



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