Creating a contemporary style home office

Contemporary Office Furniture - Solid Wood - Teak & OakWorking from home provides an opportunity to create a stimulating and stylish home office.  Research shows that an office environment can have a drastic impact on workers’ productivity and creativity and this applies, regardless of office location. You’ll need your home office to be functional and efficient but this doesn’t mean you can’t take a trendy approach.  Contemporary furniture will define your office space and offer a décor that is fresh, laid-back, urban and sophisticated.

Working from a home office offers the freedom to select furniture and accessories that reflect your own personality and individual needs.  Your contemporary home office furniture should express your style and be functional.

Contemporary Office Furniture - Solid Wood - Teak & OakContemporary office furniture is trendy, ergonomically designed, space saving and appealing in appearance.  Contemporary home office furniture pieces are usually more streamlined when compared to other styles. Aside from promoting simplicity and aesthetic beauty in design and overall construction, the pieces are known to promote great functionality.


For your colour palette apply beige tones with black and white for a classic backdrop.  You can introduce a brighter colour through accessories or wall art that will add splashes throughout the room.

Window treatments for the contemporary home office should be minimalist.  Try decorating your windows with simple blinds.  Once you’ve painted your walls and added your window coverings your home office will begin taking shape.  Consider adding a beautiful piece of modern wall art, or if you prefer, adorn your walls with photography in sleek frames.

Your floors are a very important part of your home office and should balance your décor.  Adding wall-to-wall carpet to your office can really improve its appeal.  Your choice of carpet should be sleek and stylish; and to help increase durability choose a carpet which has a short, tight pile, and level loops.

Hard wood floor is best for timeless beauty and presents an impression of quality.  Strategic placement of rugs can enhance the look of hardwood flooring and provide some softness and comfort underfoot.  A contemporary rug will also introduce some warmth and texture, along with protecting your floor.

Pay great attention to lighting and your office chair.  These two items are of utmost importance.  An ergonomic chair and good lighting will save you from headaches and backaches.  Your office will need to have good, practical overhead lighting, as well as desk lamps. little bit of daylight is always nice, whether in your home or your office. Locate your desk near to a window if possible, keep blinds open during the day and enjoy the sunlight.  Some people find that natural light keeps them alert.   If you find yourself working in the evening, or if your home office isn’t adequately illuminated by natural light, look into purchasing a modern floor lamp.  There’s a lamp to suit almost any taste or decorating scheme. The benefit of a floor lamp is that you can move it to whichever area of the room you need to illuminate. Sometimes the overhead dome light is insufficient, or poorly placed in relation to your actual work position.

Whatever lighting you choose, make sure that it is simple and modern to coordinate with your contemporary decorating style.

Once your walls have been decorated, your flooring fitted, and your lighting organized, it’s time to think about furniture.  There are many pieces to think about for the home office such as desks, office chairs, modern bookcases, side tables and storage cabinets.

Contemporary Office Furniture - Solid Wood - Teak & OakIt’s important to really think about the type of desk you need as you’ll be using this all day every day.   If you need a desk to just hold a laptop then there are many sleek designs available.


For those who want to completely utilize their space and fulfill all requirements, a made to measure desk or shelving unit is worth considering.  Our Puji bespoke furniture design service means we can alter existing designs to suit your own dimensions or alternatively design something for you that is unique.

Contemporary Office Furniture - Solid Wood - Teak & OakCustom cabinets are a great way to store all of your important documents and files, but they can also house or support any bulky equipment from fax machines and printers to copiers, your computer, endless wires and paper reams.  At Puji we can create a custom-made storage unit within a beautiful contemporary design that will complement your home office.

When choosing pieces for your home office allow yourself to be creative, especially with file storage.  Nowadays there are lots of alternatives, far removed from the drab grey metal filing cabinets we have all used at some time or other.  Consider storing files inside a decorative wooden trunk. You could even look for a trunk with an upholstered top that can double as a seat! it comes to shelving look at units that offer storage and display space. You can use a shelving unit to hold some of your treasured trinkets and accessories.  Organisation is the key to setting up a successful home office environment. At Puji we offer various bookcases and display units each providing their own, unique storage solution combined with sophisticated flair.

Adding a wall-mounted mirror will reflect natural light and really open up your space.  A stunning mirror can create a focal point in the room.  The bamboo mirror is hand made from bamboo laid in resin and offers a two tone textured feel.

In addition to these the addition of greenery and plants to your office will introduce natural texture and colour.

Why not let Puji help you stay organised with our expansive selection of contemporary office furniture and coordinating accessories Click here to start shopping!

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