Creating a Harmonic Bedroom with Chinese Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom should always be a retreat and your own personal haven.  It’s the place we escape from day to day stress and most importantly, where we rest.  This room needs to be tranquil, cosy, romantic and inviting.   A peaceful bedroom interior will make it easier to fall into a pleasant and uninterrupted sleep.

When decorating your bedroom take the time to really consider what you want to gain from this space.  If the words relaxed, peaceful, calming and restful come to mind, then you may want to consider an oriental style bedroom with beautiful Chinese bedroom furniture.

Introducing black or white lacquered furniture in oriental styling will quickly transform your bedroom.  The high quality, durable and simple lines of Chinese bedroom furniture will make your space open, clean and simple.  The harmonic bedroom should not be cluttered and follow the principle that ‘less is more’ . This will help your mind and body unwind and rejuvenate.   Symmetry is important in the Chinese bedroom, as is  Feng Shui; make sure your bedroom is balanced with two matching bedside tables and matching lamps. Earthy, warm tones and natural materials will complement the furniture perfectly and tones of blue and green are perfect for accent pieces and bedding and will  help give the room a calming vibe.

Dark lacquered furniture will quickly create a cosy atmosphere; it is warm and inviting.  For a contemporary bedroom, select modern and minimalist pieces.  Soften the furniture with clever accessories; contrasting tones of red, gold and natural materials look stunning in a dark Chinese bedroom.  Bamboo lamps, candles and a gold Buddha are firm favourites.  Add a soft rug on the floor in white or neutral tones to really create a stunning interior, this is a cheap and effective way to really accent the black lacquer furniture.

For those who prefer lighter coloured furniture, consider purchasing white lacquered pieces.  It will make a room feel harmonious, clean and soothing. Light furniture opens up a space to make it appear larger. A natural warm colour should be applied to walls, whilst soft furnishings, bedding and accessories should be in brighter tones of red, blue or green to add depth and warmth.

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