Creating a Zen Space this Summer with Oriental Furniture

Oriental furniture in the UK has been popular for as long as I can remember; and for those of us who have never managed to travel to the Far East there is such a variety of Oriental furniture in the UK market that you don’t need to have travelled to the Far East to find your inspiration.

If you are looking for beautiful, exotic Oriental furniture, UK based Puji have a wonderful range of Zen white and black lacquered furniture to help you create the perfect relaxed interior.

A Zen inspired home will provide a peaceful environment with simple, clean sleek lines.  Oriental furniture oozes eastern exoticism; they are striking to look at and each piece is a work of art.  Puji ‘s Oriental furniture pieces will transform you home into a Zen retreat and create the perfect relaxed interior.

White Lacquered Furniture – If you want to give your home the much desired Zen feel, crisp white lacquer furniture is a good choice because it is light and airy and calming, with clean, straight lines.  These pieces can easily be dressed to give your room a complete look.  Bamboo blinds or wooden plantation shutters allow you to alter the amount of light in the room and make the most of the summer sunshine.  A screen is a versatile introduction and can be used as a divider or just as a piece of art.  Use symmetry when you display accessories as this  keeps a room balanced; and remember your lighting should be soft and diffused.

Black Lacquered Furniture– This type of furniture will give you home an instant exotic appeal and radiates feelings of far-away places.  The design of these pieces is delicate, contemporary and sleek.  Your living room could easily be transformed with a low level black lacquered oriental coffee table. A deep pile soft rug underneath will enhance the focal point and simple side tables with matching silk shades will make your room look like it’s sprung from the pages of an Interior Magazine.

Browse our Oriental Furniture UK based store here

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